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Osborne, who worked as a reporter along the border in the early s, knows Mexico well and he passes that knowledge along to Marlowe. The Overstory. The Parking Lot Attendant. An Ethiopian-American teenager living in a mysterious island commune narrates this impressive debut novel, recalling her childhood in Boston and her entanglement there with a charismatic parking-lot attendant and his possibly sinister schemes.

The Perfect Nanny. By Leila Slimani. Translated by Sam Taylor. A Princess in Theory.

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By Alyssa Cole. This novel checks a lot of boxes: STEM girls, gaslighting, sexual consent. By Lionel Shriver. A collection of short fiction that becomes a wry catalog of the many ways an acquisitive urge can go astray. Pure Hollywood: And Other Stories. By Nick Drnaso. Drawn and Quarterly. By Ling Ma. Slave Old Man. By Patrick Chamoiseau. Translated by Linda Coverdale. New Press. His exhilarating flight evokes the shock of freedom with tactile immediacy. The Sparsholt Affair. For a man in the s, gay sex was a scandal that led to a prison term. His son comes to maturity in a different era, one in which he can take a legal husband.

Spinning Silver. A State of Freedom. Naipaul, presents five interconnected stories set in India and exploring the lives of the unmoored. There There. A View of the Empire at Sunset. By Caryl Phillips. Wade in the Water: Poems. In her new collection, the poet laureate addresses national traumas including slavery and the Civil War — some of the poems are drawn from the letters of black soldiers — while asking how an artist might navigate the political and the personal.

Washington Black. The Witch Elm. French has stepped away from her standout Dublin Murder Squad series to deliver a nervy, obsessive novel — equal parts crime thriller and psychological study — about an art gallery publicist and an unsolved murder in his family. By Deborah Eisenberg. She is an artist of the unsaid: the unacknowledged silences and barely intimated strangenesses of the world.

Ali: A Life. By Jonathan Eig. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. American Dialogue: The Founders and Us. By Victoria Johnson. The doctor to the infamous Hamilton-Burr duel also created a legendary botanical garden for early America, now buried far beneath Rockefeller Center. Johnson tells his story. For his latest book, Bauer, an investigative journalist, went undercover as a guard at a private prison in Louisiana.

By Eliza Griswold. Arthur Ashe: A Life. By Raymond Arsenault.

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He belongs on the Mount Rushmore of elite sports figures who changed America. Elizabeth Holmes and her startup, Theranos, perpetrated one of the biggest scams in the history of Silicon Valley, raising millions for a medical device that never really existed. By Marwan Hisham and Molly Crabapple. One World. By David Sedaris. In his new collection of comic personal essays, Sedaris — who is now 61 — grapples seriously with themes of family, mortality and illness. As always, his very essence seeps through the pages like an intoxicating cloud. Churchill: Walking With Destiny.

This is the best single-volume biography yet written. By Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt. The crash of , Tooze argues, was caused in both Europe and America, and its impact, he says, has been more political than economic, leading to a continuing wave of nationalism, protectionism and populism throughout most of the West. By Catherine Nixey. We are accustomed to stories of Christians martyred by pagans, but in this searingly passionate book, Nixey reverses the narrative, describing in great detail the desecrations and destruction Christians wreaked upon pagans and classical civilization.

By Alice Bolin. Williams, a New Yorker staff writer, tells the bizarre story of a man caught smuggling a stolen Tyrannosaurus skeleton into America. It connects her with the dark network of people trafficking in pilfered fossils and takes her all the way to Mongolia. Educated: A Memoir.

23 Best Science Fiction Book Series - The Best Sci Fi Books

Pinker continues his recent argument for being happy about the state of the world, despite the rise of authoritarian nationalism, with a rousing defense of the four big ideas named in his subtitle. Last year saw a profusion of books about Martin Luther to mark the th anniversary of his posting the 95 Theses.

Massing widens the lens wondrously, bringing in Erasmus, the great humanist foe of Luther. Their rivalry set the course for much of Western civilization. Feel Free: Essays. By Joanne B. A noted historian uncovers the scores of brawls, stabbings, pummelings and duel threats that occurred among congressmen between and The mayhem was part of the ever-escalating tensions over slavery. The Fifth Risk. Lewis brings his breezy, appealing style to an examination of three relatively obscure government departments, energy, agriculture and commerce, shining a light on the life-or-death work these agencies perform, and showing how the Trump administration is doing what it can to undermine them.

Fly Girls. The title honors the female aviators who were hindered by the deep gender inequities of the golden age of flying. Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom. By David W. This second volume of an important biography looks at both the public and private life of a major figure of the 20th century. Heavy: An American Memoir.

This searching account of growing up in Jackson, Miss. Laymon probes his experience with racism, obesity and sexual violence with candid intensity, but it is his complex portrait of maternal love that leaves an indelible mark. By Michael Pollan. Pollan writes about new research into psychedelics and how they can reduce trauma.

He also describes, in sometimes remarkable ways, how he experienced his own trips. In Pieces. This somber, intimate and at times wrenching self-portrait — written by the actress herself and not a ghostwriter, with minimal rationalization, sentiment or self-pity — feels like an act of personal investigation, not a Hollywood memoir. By Rachel Slade. Pieced together from texts, emails and black box recordings, this is a tense, moment-by-moment account of the sinking of the cargo ship El Faro during Hurricane Joaquin.

The Library Book. By Susan Orlean. This impassioned study by Perry, a scholar at Princeton, yields a fascinating portrait of the influential black playwright and activist, who died young in , cutting short a life of unusual promise. Ninety-Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret.

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By Craig Brown. The Heechee Saga. Gateway is what started it all. It was Bob Broadhead who had decided that on his flight on the Heechee spacecraft he would make himself the richest man alive. This worked for him but did not help the rest of the universe. The Shadow Saga Series. As the human race is at war with an alien species, the "Buggers", Earth prepares itself with a group of military geniuses who can fight and win the war.

The training for such a group begins in childhood in the high orbital facility called the Battle School. Andrew "Ender" Wiggin is not the only child there, he is simply the best of the best. The Eternal Sky Trilogy. Temur was the grandson of the Great Khan. He was walking from the battlefield from which he was left to die alone. Around him were the armies of his cousin and brother who had started the war in order to rule the Khaganate.

Now he was the rightful heir to the thrown. But he was not the strongest. The only way he was to survive from his cousin was to go into exile. This 3 book series is a mixture of science fiction and a fantasy.

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With kings and queen and entirely different universes join Joyeaux Charmand and her adventures as she and her fellow Hunters to protect the most important people. Shades of Magic. Being one of the last of her kind with the rare capabilities to travel between parallel dimentions, a Antari, Kell has a lot on her mind. She was raised in Arnes and serves the Maresh Empire as an ambassador. She is a smuggler, serving only those who are willing to pay top price. However after an exchange goes wrong Kell is forced to escape to Grey London and runs into a fellow thief.

The Foundation Series. In the year G.

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With Emperor Cleon I sitting uneasily on his Imperial Throne of Trantor, forty billion people have create civilization of unimaginable technological and cultural complexity. But Cleon knows there are some out their wanting and waiting to see him fall. Those who he would destroy first if he could only see into the future. The Ender Game Series. The government agencies breed child geniuses in order to defend themselves against a hostile alien race's next attack. One of these child geniuses was Andrew "Ender" Wiggin. Ender lived with his parents, sadistic brother Peter, and the his sister Valentine —who he loved more than anyone.

As Ender leaves his family to be drafted into the orbiting Battle School for rigorous military training, follow his story in this 5 book series. Fallen Empire. As the tyrannical empire has finally fallen to the Alliance it is time for celebration. However, not for fighter pilot Captain Alisa Marchenko. After having barely survived her crash in the final battle Captain Marchenko was stranded on a planet billions of miles away from her daughter. Without any money or resources and no transports heading to Perun she still have a plan.

Mote Series. Being spread across vast distances due to the Alderson Drive the united 'Second Empire of Man' has the capabilities to allow human to easily travel between the stars. However, after an alien probe has been discovered the Navy set out on a mission to determine whether or not the aliens are a threat to their society.

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The Hyperion Cantos. On a world beyond reach of the galactic law known as Hyperion awaits a creature called the Shrike. There are some who worship it. Some who wish to destroy it. And then there are some who fear the Shrike. Hidden behind huge structures moving backwards through time in the Valley of the Time Tombs the Shrike awaits for them all. The Book of the New Sun. Within it 4 books that master the art of science fiction and fantasy.

Top 10 Fantasy Series of All Time (2019 Update)

The series starts out with the tale of a young Severian who is an apprentice in the Guild of Torturers on a world known as Urth. Yet he was exiled for committing the ultimate sin to his profession, showing mercy towards a victim. The Culture Series. As the war continued to spread across the galaxy billions of more people were dying. Planets, moons, and stars awaited their destruction. The Idirans fought for their Faith and Culture fought for its moral right to exist.

The Mars Trilogy. For centuries the barren landscape of the red planet has called for humankind. Now a group of one hundred colonists starts off on their mission to transform Mars into a more Earthlike planet. Space Odyssey Series. This series takes you through a time of humanity's explorations of the universe. And the universe's reaction to humankind. It follows the crew of the spacecraft Discovery as the take off on their journey to Saturn. Ancillary World. Alone on a remote and icy planet Breq, a soldier, knew she was getting closer and closer to completing her quest. In her past she was the Justice of Toren — a massive starship with an artificial intelligence linking thousands of their soldiers into the service of the great Radch.

The empire that had conquered the galaxy. But with a simple act of treachery all of that was ripped away from her and left her just like every other human, fragile, alone, and a burning desire for vengeance. The Young Elites. Decades ago a deadly disease swept through Adelina Amoureru's nation. Most who were effect died soon there after. While the children who survived were left with strange markings.

Adelina's hair had turned silver, her lashes were now pale and where her left eye once was is now a jagged scar. Some of the others affected with scars are rummored to now carry more than just the scars. Some say they are believed to have mysterious and powerful gifts. They have come together and call themselves the Young Elites. The Gap Cycle. Angus Thermopyle was a pirate and a well known pirate.

Even the most fearsome of the Delta Sector stayed out of his way when he came through. Her name was Morn Hyland and before she came to be with Thermopyle she was a police officer. Since the beginning of time no species had ever reached the stars without the guidance of a patron, except of course mankind. In this 6 book series follow an adventure that takes you through space on a voyage like non other.

Hainish Cycle. This series of novels consist of stories written by Ursula K. Le Guin. They take you through time and space on journeys that leave stranded human colonist on a planet one by one killing them. And where ethnologist are sent to a bronze-age planet in order to help defeat an intergalactic enemy.

The Red Trilogy. With advancements in technology and reality TV this series of novels comprises of high drama and political thrillers that combines both military action and classic science fiction. Majipoor Series. Being a man with no past and a lone wanderer without the knowledge of his origins, Valentine is a member of a motley group of entertainers. Traveling across the magical planet of Majipoor he continues to hope that one day soon he will meet someone that can give him back what he had all lost.