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Reading Gods of the Upper Air , though, provides inspiration. The anthropology of equality tells us that every population is as fully human as any other, and deserving of understanding and compassion. King, NPR. Kendi, you craft another stunner of a book. What emerges from these insights is the most courageous book to date on the problem of race in the Western mind, a confessional of self-examination that may, in fact, be our best chance to free ourselves from our national nightmare.

Daily entries include entertaining and enlightening observations about specific animal or plant activity happening in eastern North America on that date. Drawing on original findings and an in-depth understanding of the political and philosophical realities of the time, historian Nicholas Hagger charts the connections between Gosnold and Smith, Templars and Jacobites, and secret societies and libertarian ideals.

The story is told through the eyes of two neighboring families, the Stanhopes and the Gleesons, who experience a shared complex tragedy and then must learn to forgive and to embrace their connection. As a young woman driven by these painful memories, Zoe sets the bar high for herself, studying hard and pursuing a career in the nonprofit world, where her deep compassion for disadvantaged children finds a focus.

When Zoe falls in love and has her own child, she is determined to be a perfect mother as well. But before long, old scars long dormant begin to pull Zoe to the edge of an abyss too terrifying to contemplate. As Zoe is haunted by the ghosts of the past, her story will become a race against time and a tale of psychological suspense that no reader will soon forget. Invisible very visibly debuted as No. Hello, Friend! Kids will be excited to learn more about her journey. A beautiful biography about one watchful woman being seen by the world.

To stop the invasion, Percy and his demigod friends must set out on a quest through the Labyrinth — a sprawling underground world with stunning surprises at every turn. Validating, heart-rending, and a deft blend of suffering and inspiration. Tougias and Sherman ably narrate the desperate struggles of crew members on both the wrecks and the rescue boats.

This bittersweet coming-of-age tale will leave readers with the notion that even young people can make a difference when they raise their voices about issues they care about. Instead Hale weaves an intricate, multilayered story about families, relationships, education, and the place we call home.

With rhyming riddles and artful illustrations, it inspires little tykes through teenagers to learn about the elements and the world of atoms. Even parents enjoy learning something new. This slice of American history is a gem. Five Midnights is a thrilling spin on legendary source material as well as a study in identity, community, and connection. A story that lingers in sinister shadows. In her exquisite and poignant reimagining of historic events, Alcott dissects their impacts in a sweeping yet intimate saga that challenges assumptions and assesses the depths of human frustration.

Sam wants to marry Connie, but she fears it will be the end of him, quite literally, as the paramours of the women in her Massachusetts family, which include Deliverance Dane, have always died young under tragic circumstances. Mildred Gutermann, a year-old blind neighbor, calls for help in his New York City walk-up, and, unlike everyone else, Raymond comes to her aid.

But he watched his beloved sister, Maryse, cross, never to return again, and his curiosity begins to outweigh his obedience. He seeks reading lessons from the local priest, a kind man with troubles of his own, in the hopes of learning not only about Maryse but also about his brother who died and the mother he never met. New Yorker Eliza Ferriday returns home when her tour of Russia with her school friend Sofya Streshnayva, a cousin of the Romanovs, is cut short by the outbreak of war in Europe. But life on the ark after the torrential rains leaves Naamah with plenty of time for reflection, which sends her diving into the waters day after day.

In their depths, Naamah discovers an angel tending to a city of the dead, largely populated by children. As Naamah wrestles with the horror of their deaths, her own grief over the passing of her lover, who refused to stow away on the ark, and her anger at God for bringing the floods, she finds she can no longer see the animals aboard the ark.

Kristine Huntley. Highly recommended. Turner English, Jesus Coll. Cooksey, formerly with Armstrong Atlantic State Univ. LJ Xpress Online Review. Laymon … breaks down what it means to be a large black boy growing up in Mississippi, exploring the politics and policing of black male bodies, the heartache of black excellence and white privilege, the conflict that comes with loving an abusive parent and stepping away to save yourself. Sexual abuse and anorexia are examined with care and attention, as are the emotions and consequences attached to these experiences.

The first woman to deploy to occupied France, she managed a network of spies that blew up bridges, reported on German troop movements, rendezvoused with Resistance fighters, and saw her face on wanted posters everywhere. Charles Fergus displays a deft touch in detailing the rough and tumble life of everyday 19th-century America. Yet her business is having money problems, and when other difficulties arise at her fianc?

Matekoni is more complicated then he seems. When a burial ground linked to Deese is found with several munched-on corpses, U. With the help of federal agents Bob and Rae a longstanding series joke referencing the comedy duo Bob and Ray , Davenport follows the trail to Los Angeles, where Deese has hooked up with a home-invasion crew, who have been hugely successful preying on anonymous Southern California multimillionaires.

They terrorize but never injure, and then walk away with cash, jewelry, and valuable art. But as soon as Deese shows up, it all goes to hell. His violence changes the dynamic and brings law enforcement too close, prompting the crew to head for Las Vegas, which is where Lucas, Bob, and Rae close in. The Prey novels are wildly entertaining with their clever plotting, mordant humor, and smart-ass dialogue.

Believing him, Amos soon realizes that he could prevent another crime. So Joe teams up with a female game warden, based on an actual person that the multi-award-winning, No. In each case, despite the lack of a clear constitutional provision for it the 25th Amendment came later , they were succeeded by their vice presidents.

He also covers in depth the selection of the respective vice presidents and the detail surrounding the transitions…. His prose both shimmers and snaps, and he has a knack for finding perfect quotes in the oddest places…. Best of all, Pollan really loves plants. Then a Boston Globe reporter, Zuckoff …wrote the lead story on the day of the attacks. The author also mentions some of the lasting mental and physical injuries experienced by survivors and first responders. The facts overall are well known, but Zuckoff succeeds in humanizing the terror.

He mostly avoids the domestic and international response, instead choosing to focus on the victims and their stories. On the social front, Tomasky argues for college students to spend their first three years studying, with their fourth and final year being one of service. Moreover, the author believes that civics education should be greatly improved in order to maintain an informed society.

It was delivered to the attorney general but is also written for history. And special counsel Robert Mueller has it all under oath, on the record, along with interviews and contemporaneous notes backing it up. Parents, husbands, wives offer rewards for the safe return of their missing loved ones; Colter finds the missing people and claims the rewards. Not, perhaps, the most altruistic of vocations, but Colter, the son of survivalist parents, is very good at what he does.

Shaw is a carefully constructed character with a rich backstory that could spark several novels his own family history features a particularly tantalizing mystery. After the battle, he sets up the wounded at Hammond Farm. Caroline is a strong woman with good people surrounding her and they are all ready for whatever troubles may come. Both McBride and Winslow fall in love with Caroline and so begins the romance she must sort out as the war comes to a close. Readers will keep turning the pages to learn what future awaits Caroline and the others who suffered alongside her.

She was fifty-six years old. Her final essay focused on equal rights for women. The moral of his story? Be careful what you wish for. But when Mr. For their last year at Aesop, the fifth graders are hoping for the coolest class pet—a unicorn or at least a giant squid. Imagine their disappointment when they get guinea pigs. Starting a band becomes a chance to explore her heritage as well as her musical interests. Her forthright prose and arresting plot make this an effortless page-turner with just the right amount of chilling descriptions to make you reel at the sight of shadows.

Free-flowing dialogue, a rich story line, and warm characters nicely ground the more supernatural elements. This is a must for readers who appreciate a heartfelt mystery. Sagan so much that he named his dog after him. As he gets ready to attend a rocket festival in Albuquerque, Alex also records an audio journal of his life. Since his mom is not functional and his dad is dead, Alex travels by train solo with his dog. When Ancestry.

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Ethan is fiercely loyal to his family, getting in trouble for shoving the new kid at school when he calls Jake the hurtful r-word. Her older sister, Bridget, is the only person who really sees her, but when Bridget runs away, Nova is placed in yet another foster home, this time alone. To cope, she counts down the 10 days to the Challenger shuttle launch, which Bridget promised to watch with her. In the meantime, her new foster family works hard not only to understand and support Nova, but also to encourage her teachers and social worker to see her in a new light.

A sensitively told story that may help young readers stretch their compassion and empathy. Ample direct quotes and carefully researched details, along with spectacular photographs, bring the war close. Everhart follows year-old Sonny as she struggles to maintain the life she has always known while everything around her changes. Sonny loves working with her family on their farm in s North Carolina and exploring the land with her best friend, Daniel. Reminiscent of the novels of Lee Smith, Kaye Gibbons, and Sandra Dallas, Everhart builds a firm sense of place, portraying the tiredness and hope of a dry southern summer and voicing strong southern women.

Theo is irresistible. The man standing outside is her ex-husband, Charley Blackwell, to whom she has hardly spoken since their divorce 24 years ago. Charley, a photojournalist, has just returned from a long assignment in Africa. It soon becomes disturbingly apparent to Frankie that, for Charley, the last 26 years have ceased to exist. What follows is a literary duet featuring the two wives. Those who like to run through a full box of tissues in an afternoon will be satisfied.

However, the tone is never cynical in this family tragedy. Rather, there is a beautiful sadness as well mournful anger as Charlesworth evokes the loss following consequential choices. Those seeking a thought-provoking character study will appreciate this gripping anatomy of a crime. One of the most unconventional escapes from slavery ever chronicled.

A thoughtful, boldly imagined ripsnorter that broadens inventive possibilities for the antebellum novel. Roberts tells this story with great authority and not a little panache. He writes elegantly, with enjoyable flashes of tartness, and is in complete command both of his sources and the vast historiography. The resulting chronicle enriches our understanding of Douglass and the challenges he faced and offers a lesson for our own troubled times.

Glaude, Jr. The Boston Globe. Instead, Brennan-Jobs offers a stunningly beautiful study of parenting that just so happens to include the co-founder of Apple… An exquisitely rendered story of family, love, and identity. A welcome return for a compelling investigative duo. The operatives learn that the home invasion occurred shortly after a massacre in Portugal that claimed the lives of five women who led an international network of female scientists, which funded groundbreaking AI research conducted by year-old genius Mara Silviera. Perhaps the most consistently hilarious adventure of the alarmingly precocious heroine.

Aidan and Sully have found a solid mystery: the dead man has taken unusual steps to hide his identity by having his fingertips and teeth surgically altered. Within this broad construct, Harari discusses many pressing issues, including problems associated with liberal democracy, nationalism, immigration, and religion. This well-informed and searching book is one to be savored and widely discussed. The accounts of addicts and their families leave no doubt about the power the chemicals hold over the brains they alter. Addicts soon begin using to avoid the symptoms of withdrawal dopesick rather than gaining any pleasurable high.

Controversies abound over what treatments work. Abstinence versus medication-assisted therapy is an ongoing debate, while profit motives and insurance problems are also factors. Thrillers do not get better than this! Atkins adds his own touch in the form of complex plots with genuine mysteries at their center. Big and fast. Clinton and Patterson are a dream combo.

Two great storytellers, one inside and one outside, both at the top of the game. This book teaches as much as it entertains. Alex is tasked by the new President to lead an investigation unprecedented in scale and scope. Barrett, Jacqueline B. Toner and Claire A. On his first field trip with his new school, Elliot discovers a magical Jersey Devil with the power of invisibility. Terrifying Professor Fauna recruits Elliot and his new friend Uchenna for a secret society devoted to the protection of mythical creatures.

1000 Reasons to Book Flytographer on Your Next Vacation

After rescuing the Jersey devil, the three travel to the Basque Country to aid a kidnapped dragon. The banter between timid Elliot and brave Uchenna is buoyantly entertaining. An excellent biography that will inspire young readers, especially girls, to do what they love. She also highlights the role of black newspapers in keeping the community informed about the difficulties they often faced. The text is richly supported with archival photographs. The importance of this story is amplified by the inspiring foreword by Maj. Marcia M. Anderson, Army Ret. The stories in this valuable volume are well worth knowing.

Teenaged Genesis struggles to accept both her skin color and her place in her complicated family. Alicia D. Williams skillfully develops a character who—with the help of friends, teachers, and some awesome bluesy music—learns to love herself and her family as she realizes that black is indeed beautiful. I really loved this debut novel. Thompson adeptly draws the storylines into a cohesive whole that rewards readers with a satisfyingly hard-won resolution. Instead, however, they learn that war is more of a looming reality than they thought.

Everything the sisters thought was impossible has been turned on its head, and they must rely on each other more than ever before…. When super power juice is sucked out of Captain Underpants by the evil Deputy Dangerous, it appears that all is lost. Where do the heroes take him? The flower metaphor continues in this picture-book biography of the award-winning poet.

Even as a teacher accuses her of plagiarism and she doubts herself, her parents believe in her gift for poetry. The first pop-up spread is among the most impressive, and readers will certainly be thrilled when a fully suited astronaut and cone-shaped vehicle float above the page and a large photo of Earth. The next spread offers information on the Apollo missions and how they helped fine-tune the Saturn V rocket—exploding from the page!

The book goes on to detail the mechanics and feeling of rocketing into space, orbiting, and, of course, landing on the moon and returning to Earth. A very good read. This is a book from the heart, and for the heart. Readers will cheer for the wounded warrior who may have found a place to call home.

It is a story about strong women, their hardships, sacrifices and ability to love even though it may mean keeping secrets. However, things appear to be on the upswing as she reunites with and marries Paolo, her childhood sweetheart. Of course, there are no simplistic, happily-ever-after endings in the Albom universe, and Annie and Paolo prove there are no exceptions to that rule. After a horrific accident on her wedding day, Annie is whisked up to heaven, where she not only meets up with Eddie but also four others whose lives she touched and impacted in meaningful ways.

As Annie learns her lessons about the meaning and value of both life and death, Albom wraps up this heartfelt fable with a totally unexpected twist. And, of course, there are delicious cakes. Readers should understand more of their world at the end of this engrossing novel than they did when they began it. Unlike the Lorax, who spoke for the trees, Richard Powers prefers to let them do their own talking. In other words, the story is classic Cussler. The thought of the world running out of oil is terrifying, and that along with the wonderful cast of characters makes this one of the better entries in the NUMA Files series.

You will never look at adoption the same way again. Virgin Islands—and she has no idea what he was doing there. Their sons, Cash and Baker, each have reasons to escape their lives for awhile, so they join her to mourn and look for answers. What they find when they get to the island is a multimillion-dollar mansion and news of a young woman, Rosie Small, who also died in the crash.

Stuffed with cornball hymns, genetic mutations worth of Thomas Pynchon and a pharmaceutical company run amok, it reads like dystopia verging on satire. Becoming the first lady ratchets up the pressure as Obama endures the Secret Service security bubble, has every public utterance and outfit attacked by opponents, gets pilloried as a closet radical, and soldiers on with healthy-food initiatives. There are no dramatic revelations and not much overt politics here, but fans of the Obamas will find an interesting, inspiring saga of quiet social revolutions.

Inland Revenue who goes missing while conducting a series of interviews with wealthy British expatriates living in Europe. Are these individuals merely concerned with evading taxes, or do they more sinister backgrounds and motives? Inspector George Mason, ably assisted by Detective Sergeant Alison Aubrey, is assigned by Scotland Yard to help discover what happened to the tax official. Their investigations take them to several European cities, where they eventually become involved with members of a secret society who are determined to frustrate their efforts.

Will the two detectives succeed in outwitting the opposition, to determine the curious fate of Leonard Parks? Will they find him alive, or dead? The Marian Apparition succeeds in bringing flocks of tourists to Wheatfield. Then sniper-like shootings that wound two citizens threaten the bonanza. Penny wraps up some continuing story lines and sends recurring characters in surprising directions. In FBI Agent Atlee Pine, he has envisioned a new kind of heroine, forged in the fire of trauma and driven by a rare kind of strength. It should come as no shock that a thriller writer for the ages has created a character for the ages!

But he does stir up a world of trouble when he steps in to help a woman under attack and gives her assailant—the son of a well-connected underworld figure—a humiliating beating. While Reacher is dealing with a revenge posse, the Canadian couple discover just how strange their motel is.

Child neatly interweaves multiple narratives, ratchets up the suspense the reveal of the motel plot is delicious , and delivers a powerful, satisfying denouement. Most important, Goodwin reminds us that a democracy leadership is a two-way street, a mirror in which people, for better and worse, see their collective reflection. Orlean follows the narrative in all directions, juxtaposing the hunt for the library arsonist—possibly a frustrated actor—with a philosophical treatise on why and how libraries became the closest thing many of us experience to a town hall.

Singer and Emerson T. This war story — the fight to break out of a frozen hell near the Chosin Reservoir — has been told many times before. But Sides tells it exceedingly well, with fresh research, gritty scenes and cinematic sweep. Ample detail and enticing storytelling. The author weaves anecdotal and first-person accounts from both sides into the overall history to produce a compelling account that veterans of the war, those who felt its impact at home and readers born decades after the fighting ended will find hard to put down.

So personable is the portrayal of Ginsburg—…—that even those who disagree with her positions may be persuaded to a new respect. His first task is to kill or imprison any of his countrymen who can threaten him. Soon, though, his illness becomes serious enough to require a more dramatic diversion—war with the West. The only way to avoid a confrontation that could leave millions dead is to send Mitch Rapp to Russia under impossibly dangerous orders. Success means averting a war that could consume all of Europe.

But if his mission is discovered, Rapp will plunge Russia and America into a conflict that neither will survive. Being younger, she is shorter than Elena and has long dark brown hair tied back with a bright blue ribbon. Her signature outfit is a bright blue dress with short puffy sleeves decorated in flowery patterns.

Her skirt measures up to Isabel's knees and tied around her waist is a blue bow. Isabel wears white tights and black shoes with blue bows. For formal occasions, Isabel is seen wearing a pink-and-yellow ball gown, with a yellow ribbon in her hair. When the evil power-hungry sorceress Shuriki invaded the Kingdom of Avalor and murdered her parents, Isabel and her grandparents were placed inside an Enchanted Painting for their protection by Alacazar while her sister, Elena, ended up trapped inside the Amulet of Avalor when she confronted Shuriki alone.

Forty-one years later, Isabel and her grandparents were released from the portrait by Alacazar's grandson, Mateo , and helped Elena defeat Shuriki and liberate their kingdom. In the series that serves as the special's sequel, Isabel is a major character alongside with the rest of her family.

In " Model Sister " it is shown that Isabel's relationship with her older sister is becoming strained due to the fact that Elena's new role as the Ruler of Avalor has given her an extremely busy schedule. She is especially angry with her sister when she discovers that Elena has been ditching her to attend King Toshi's visit when she needed her help with her invention. Elena makes it up to her by getting her invention ready in time for the Inventor's Fair.

In " A Day to Remember ", Isabel does not want to celebrate Dia de los Muertos since it reminds her that she no longer has her parents to turn to. Elena manages to get her to come by reminding her of all the happy times they had with their parents and why they celebrated the Day of the Dead. Feeling better, Isabel goes to the alter and puts a drawing of her parents on the alter alongside the food tribute.

During the eclipse, however, Orizaba is revealed to be real. When Elena and Mateo set out to defeat her and send her back, a concerned Isabel goes after her with Gabe. When they catch up to Elena, they accidentally ruin Elena's attempt to get rid of Orizaba by blocking out the magic light Elena is bathing the moth fairy in with the Royal Coach. It casts a shadow in the path of the light which restores some of Orizaba's powers. The moth fairy tries to attack Isabel, but Elena saves her by making their father's scepter glow so bright that the light defeats Orizaba.

Elena then collapses to Isabel's concern. Isabel, Gabe, and Mateo take Elena back to the castle and put her to bed where she stays for the next two days. When Elena wakes up, she reveals to a relieved Isabel that she gained magical abilities while she was imprisoned inside the amulet their mother gave her on her fifteenth birthday and that their father's scepter is also magical.

In " Navidad ", Isabel is looking forward to spending Nochebuena with her friend Cristina after her father invites them to their village for the evening. However, Elena receives multiple invitations from other people who want her to attend their Navidad celebrations. Isabel supports Elena's attempts to compromise and all the while Isabel makes a Navidad Pinata. The disaster makes Fernando decide to take Cristina home, to Isabel's sorrow.

Elena fixes everything with a parranda, to Isabel's joy. She takes Cat on a tour through town. In town, they are wowed by the Voladores and Isabel tells Cat how she has always wondered how the tower works. The next day, Cat takes Isabel to the tower. I am very impressed with some of the moments she has captured. I love how her pictures focus on us as a family and the streets and canals of Venice are the out of focus backgrounds.

It's wonderful. Caitlin the concierge has been great too. She has stayed in touch and really done her best to make sure we had an awesome shoot -which we did. But I figured "any picture they could get of the proposal moment would be better than no picture so why not just go for it. As for photo quality, I was shocked when I saw the pictures Kate was able to get.

It looked like we set up the photo shoot together and assumed specific poses. It was even raining on the day I proposed and I figured between the umbrella and Jessica's hair, we wouldn't be able to see her face at all in the pictures. But that was not the case at all and I am so glad I went through with it.

It made an already amazing day Jessica said yes into one that we can never forget because we have gorgeous pictures to remind us forever. I cannot recommend Flytographer and Kate enough. Worth every penny. Olga was amazing and talented and we couldn't have ended up with someone better. Flytographer was a great service - easy to use and prompt. Great experience all around!

We booked our shoot very last minute we were already overseas on holiday and they were still able to accommodate us. We love our photos, and will most definitely book with Flytographer again on a future trip!! Our shoot concierge Caitlin took good care of us right from the beginning, and our photographer Wendy was a delight to work with. We are already looking forward to another shoot with Flytographer! We had a big group with multiple families and she made sure we had all of our must-haves and combinations.

The best part was receiving a sneak peek of our session while still on vacation! Flytographer took all of the stress out from planning and let me focus and enjoy the day and everything leading un to and after the big proposal. Tedi and Michael did a wonderful job planning and letting me know exactly what I needed to do. I couldn't have asked for better proposal and engagement pictures. He was able to capture our favorite spots in London and my husbands smile, which can be hard to find behind a lens!!

Thank you Flytographer!!! Also an easy and efficient service. I highly recommend it and will definitely book again for our next holiday. It was absolutely fantastic! Book and communication was excellent and prompt. The shoot itself was relaxed and we all enjoyed it so much! Having 4 children I honestly didn't think we would get much further than 1 location but we did and Roberta caught some really beautiful shots when we were noticing of us just interacting with each other along the way. I would definitely recommend Flytographer and hope we will have as wonderful experience when we visit Asia in the Fall.

Also Johnny was able to perfectly capture my fiance during the BIG moment! We love the pictures and will be letting our friends know about Flytographer! Rajesh was great to work with, had super ideas, made us comfortable and went well above what we expected. The photos themselves are so good our biggest problem is deciding which to frame and hang!

Easily the highlight of this trip. And I would also suggest taking the time to really dress up. It's more difficult, sure, and it was my wife's idea but I have to admit now that it really was worth it. Definitely would use Flytographer again! He took breathtaking photos of us in Santorini, even with cranky kids. These photos are priceless. Liss was awesome and made booking this session so easy. I loved that she kept touch and made sure we were well taken care of. Such an amazing experience! Thank you to Flytophotograher, this was such a great experience and worth every penny. Thank you Flytograher and Gaetan.

The service was easy and smooth from the start to the end and our photographer was friendly, professional and his pictures are breathtaking. We will definitely use your service for our future family trips. We were very happy with Olga who immediately made us feel at ease and who shot some beautiful photos. The weather was horrible, but she came prepared with a fan for the scorching humidity. She was lugging around all that equipment but never complained, just kept shooting, giving great direction and honored our time to the max.

Also, my plans were a little elaborate so we had to game plan the week before. Tedi set everything up and made it a special day to remember. We will treasure these pictures for a long time and they will always take us back to the lazy, hazy summer vacation we had in Italy! They listened to what I wanted to get from the photo shoot and they did an amazing job.

Danielle was friendly, easy to work with, made me laugh throughout the shoot which put me at ease, and the pictures turned out fantastic! Service was exceptional and our photos are amazing! We are thankful for such a special keepsake and definitely plan to use Flytographer again! Thank you guys x" - Leon Flames. I will be booking with Flytographer again and will recommend this to anyone who goes on vacation!!

Thanks so much! I could not be more thrilled with the helpful concierge, the incredible photographer who made the process seamless, to the phenomenal photos themselves. I know this will not be the last time I use this company, and I am so pleased to pass on the highest of compliments to all of my friends and family as they travel. They were very responsive to any concerns I had during the planning stage. More importantly, our photographer, Cassie, did an amazing job capturing this special moment in our lives. She instantly made my fiance and I feel comfortable and captured some amazing shots.

I definitely plan to recommend Flytographer to my friends and family! I had this last minute idea to have a family shoot during our vacation in Vancouver and it all worked out - the concierge service is amazing and the photographers Jelger and Tanja were great! And Ernir was terrific to work with: professional and relaxed! We love Venice for its unique architecture, delicious food, and lovely people.

I wanted professional pictures that would capture the beauty of Venice that selfies and iPhone pictures taken by strangers could simply not capture. When I first brought up the idea of a professional photo shoot, my boyfriend was hesitant as we had never done something like this before.

However, the butterflies flew away as soon as we met Siza, our Flytographer. She was very nice and let me share my ideas for poses and settings. She also brought her knowledge of the town into the pictures. We felt special throughout the session and it really showed through in the final product. This was the perfect souvenir of an amazing trip.

The pictures will be treasured for a lifetime! The customer service with Caitlin pre-shoot was impeccable and our actual shoot experience with Krystal in Paris was lots of fun and not awkward at all. She made us feel comfortable and also gave us great tips of places to try during our trip. We are very impressed with the photo quality and speed in delivery.

Highly recommend! I'm a travel advisor and I will be encouraging all my clients to make use of this fun and unique service. We're already planning our next adventure and we'll definitely be booking a session with Flytographer to capture the memories! We love the whole concept of Flytographer and are very happy with your service. Everything is very professional, precise and perfect prepared. The shoot concierge was great. We were very happy with our photographer Marta and love the pictures! Thank you very much! A photoshoot was the perfect idea and Flytographer made it all happen.

The process was easy beginning to end. Tedi, our concierge, was available every step of the way and Paige, our photographer, made it so easy to capture fun and quirky photos! She was funny and easy to work with!! Every special occasion should be captured forever and Flytographer is the place to go for this! Thank you, Flytographer and Paige, for the awesome experience. The concierge Tedi, who helped us set everything up was so very responsive and helpful! He knew the area we didn't and picked great locations based on what we like. He picked up on the relationships among the kids.

The pictures were beautifully composed, and his timing captures some great smiles. Turned out to be a great family experience. Kristy and Vic were two of the nicest people, and their photos were gorgeous! It was exactly what we hoped for. Not only that, but it only took a couple of days to get ALL of our pictures! Plus, Caitlyn, our concierge, was super helpful in organizing everything. I can't express enough with how pleased we were with everything, from beginning to end.

EPIC UK 1983 Final - Alex Higgins - Steve Davis

Thanks for doing such a great job! Communication before the trip was informative and helped me prepare for a smooth shoot. Would definitely recommend Santi as your photographer and Flytographer made the booking process a piece of cake. Thanks for the wonderful photos! Im very impress with the photographer as well as the planning team, they really make communication very on planed as well as the photographer!

We recommend the service to everyone.

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It's so nice to have our travel memories captured so beautifully. The people at Flytographer made my proposal an unforgettable moment and captured it beautifully. Krystal was great and made us feel very comfortable. Thank you for helping us capture a special movement. They are not just photographs. They are moments in our life full of emotion and will be treasured for a lifetime. From the planning to the shoot to the follow up, I couldn't be happier. We're now passing the tradition to other beautiful couples!

Bozo we outstanding and he was so patient and kind with our large group of The photos were wonderful and will be treasured forever. The photos are beautiful and so unique. She was so easy to work with. I have already recommended Flytographer to several friends who will be travelling soon. Raquel captured our family vacation in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. We will cherish the photos for years to come. She even made my 5 years old nephew smile! I will definitely consider Flytographer for our future trips. The photos we have will be cherished for a lifetime.

The quality of the photos are amazing. It was a fun experience which we will definitely do again on our next vacation! Scott and Chantel were amazing and easy to work with and everything worked out smoothly! I couldn't have asked for a better shoot! Would definitely do this again! She was super nice and was easy to get along with! Before the shoot she answered all my question which made it that much easier for me! Thank you Flytographer for everything! From the beginning, every part of our experience was smooth!

Liss was a tremendously helpful, efficient, and kind shoot concierge. We were delighted to see online that one Portland photographer loved to shoot in the Pearl District, one of our favorite spots in the city - and this fab Flytographer, Whitney, was available for us to book! Meeting Whitney was like connecting with an old friend. She came bearing a delicious birthday treat for my husband we were celebrating his 40th! Whitney knew the best spots and managed to arrange a most beautiful juxtaposition of old and new architecture in Portland, introducing us to hidden gems we were overjoyed to discover.

The captures Whitney gave us are photojournalistic beauties: telling a story and preserving the wonder and magic of love, of adventure, of right now - soaking up a getaway in a favorite city. We would recommend Flytographer a truly brilliant business, in our minds happily to anyone and everyone hoping to add everlasting magic to a trave experience!

I thought it would be fun to have portraits taken to commemorate our trip and celebrate our anniversary. After searching on Google, I couldn't find much information about local photographers. A friend had suggested Flytographer. I found the booking process super easy and straightforward, the customer service was top notch - having a client concierge was amazing to ask questions, and our photographer was easy to work with and flexible with the rain in the forecast.

We had a great experience and beautiful photos to remember our trip. I still can't believe how beautiful all of our photos came out. She was able to capture the exact feeling and mood I was going for. She kept us cool with her positive attitude, reassuring us that even though with the cloudy weather that we will still have beautiful pictures, which we did! We loved that Serena is very familiar with Dorsoduro so she knew the exact hidden alleys, bridges and canals to shoot in. What Serena is able to see through the lens is beautiful and we are happy to have met such a beautiful person.

We want her to photograph our wedding for sure. Thank you Serena! The concierge Tedi was extremely helpful. We had a video conference before my trip where we worked out all the kinks and finalized the perfect plan. She was very quick to respond to my emails whenever I had a question. Patient, professional and genuine. What an awesome team. I am so pleased I decided to invest in professional photography and now I have a keepsake I can be proud to show off to my family and friends.

It was an outstanding experience and perfect way to remember our once in a lifetime experience in Italy. So laid back and relaxed. I asked for non-posed images, just playful and fun and that's exactly what we got! From now on, a photo shoot with Flytographer will included in my travelling budgets. Our photographer, Krystal, made the photo shoot so much fun, and we received the pictures we were hoping for, with the amazing Sacre Couer as the backdrop. The entire Flytographer experience was so professional and easy, thanks to our awesome concierge, LIss. I will recommend Flytographer to anyone wanting professional photos to remember a special trip.

Thank you to Pono at Honolulu for this great souvenir! This is our first but not last time to do photo shoot. Pono was very helpful with tips and instructions. The shoot reflected our trip perfectly. We had fun and now enjoying the photos. Can not wait to share them with family and friends!!!

Thanks to everyone at Flytographer for this great way to capture the life memories!!!! Great way to capture you vacation memories and not stress out about taking photos yourself or asking strangers. Do a Flytographer photo shoot! We are going to use them every time we visit a new cool place. Hope every place will have a Flytographer! Vanessa and Ivo made those memories very special with their pictures. They did an amazing job, the pictures are just beautiful! She is a really bright person and location was amazing too as in a short time we could cover a lot.

We really liked our experience with Flytographer and recommend everyone to try it while travelling. This was our first experience with Flytographer and it was truly exceptional! We have not taken family photographs in years and I could not be happier with the results. I have recommended Flytographer to all my family and friends and will absolutely use them again to capture memories of future travels.

An amazing experience from start to finish! Also, many thanks to Danica, our Shoot Conceirge. She made the arrangements a breeze! She was always there with a quick response to any questions or concerns I had. My Flytographer session in Portland took my Girlfriend Getaway to the next level. Not only do I have great photos of souvenirs of my trip, but the local tips we got rocked and got to explore some parts of the city we wouldn't have known about otherwise. My Flytographer experience in one word-- superfly! It's an amazing way to remember our trip to Rio De Janeiro!

She was so warm and friendly and made the 1-hour shoot seem like a breeze, especially to 2 people who had never done photoshoots in our lives! Caitlin, the Flytographer concierge, was amazing and helpful and made the end-to-end service exceptional. Am very pleased with the service all around. We will definitely recommend Flytographer and Serena to all our friends! The morning sunshine was just perfectly beautiful to light us up on the Buda hill. The team from start to finish have been absolutely great, they have been very responsive and helped me plan my proposal to the T. The Photographer who was Serena in Venice was so nice and helped us capture completely natural shots and also directed us where she saw necessary.

It was an amazing experience and highly recommend Flytographer. So glad we had this done to celebrate our 70th birthday and our Thank you!!! My concierge Liss did a great job facilitating our planning for the shoot and Megan was fantastic. She was very personable and made us feel comfortable throughout the shoot. My fiance and I were very impressed with how the photos turned out! Paige did an amazing job and was really nice and understanding.

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We will use Flytographer again without a doubt! Can't say enough about our photographer Marta, very personal and yet so professional. The entire process could not have been easier from start to finish, and the result was a beautiful set of photos that exquisitely captured our time in Kyoto. Needless to say, this trip was one we both wanted captured. We were married in an apple orchard, so my hope was to capture images in another lush environment, rich with trees and greenery.

What better place than Ubud! Scouting a photographer on the other side of the world, in a place I had never been was challenging. I came across Flytographer while searching online. I was instantly sold. The website was so informative and my questions were quickly answered. Caitlin, Thank you. It was a pleasure, your attention to detail is phenomenal!

Thank you to Bayu, our photographer! He was great! We were so close to canceling due to the rain.. I'm so glad we didn't. Bayu captured some beautiful images. Some of my favorites of us playing rain and taking taking some spills in the pond. Thank you for including those! I will be in touch soon, for our next family vacation! We'll treasure these photos for a long time! We had already planned our three week trip to America and thought a pre-wedding photo shoot in New York would be the perfect way to mark our engagement and capture fond memories of our trip.

As it was our first photo shoot we were a little nervous, but as soon as he arrived Flytographer Armando managed to put us both at ease. We had an amazing time exploring Central Park with a local expert - taking in the iconic Bethesda Fountain and Bow Bridge.

But the highlight of our photo shoot had to be our row across the Lake Armando's idea! We planned a sunset photo shoot to make the most of the beautiful light and golden skyline. Armando's photos completely exceeded our expectations and now hang proudly in our home. We would definitely use Flytographer again, and recommend it to any holiday goer, whether first time novice or seasoned traveler.

Bozo was fantastic! He made everyone feel comfortable and was great at managing a large group at a busy time in the city. The photos are amazing and a wonderful keepsake of our trip. Thank you Bozo and Flytographer for such a wonderful experience. We will treasure our photos forever. Ioannis was fun to work with and gave us a great restaurant recommendation for dinner after our session. We couldn't believe that we got all of our photos back within 4 days after the shoot on a holiday no less! Can't wait to use Flytographer on our next family vacation. It was so simple to book, I always got a prompt reply, and our photographer Tracy was a delight!

She was punctual and professional and most importantly took the time to listen to our family stories and used that to get a good idea of what we wanted captured in the photos. Oh, and the photos, they were absolutely perfect. He is personable, flexible, and really cares about his clients. Alberto truly captures the sentiment of the moment. He made the shoot so much fun and did a fantastic job picking out beautiful settings for our Florence shoot.

We can't thank him enough!! Overall my experience with Flytogropher has been absolutely wonderful. Liss was amazing and very quickly responded to all my questions. I would highly reccomend Flytogropher to anyone looking for a unique and memorable experience that will last a lifetime! Before the shoot, Tedi, our shoot concierge staff, and Marian, our photographer, were extremely helpful in helping me plan the proposal, including very helpful advice on locations, timing etc. On the day of the shoot, we had an amazing time!

We were completely new to photoshoots but Marian was great at making us feel comfortable and at ease. She also knew Varenna inside-out and took us to many stunningly beautiful locations. We absolutely love all the photos! Every little detail was handled with true professionalism by the Flytographer team. We now have our engagement and our first trip to Paris captured in photographs, that we will always care for the entire of our loves. Thanks again! She made us feel comfortable right away and the shoot was so fun we couldn't believe how quickly the time flew. Felt like we were friends for longer than the 1 hour we were together!!

Her photos turned out great too! She was great with the kids and family and an phenomenal photographer.


She has a great artistic eye. The service was easy and organized. Loved how easy it came together and executed especially since this was a vacation photoshoot, I didn't want any extra stress. Now we have the precious family photos that capture the joy we experience every time we visit. My partner and I had our babymoon in Italy and our photographer Serena captured our memories exactly how we envisioned them. She is such a sweet person and was an awesome guide for us in Venice for the location to shoot. Her photography vision is amazing! She also gave great direction on poses in photos.

They have thought of everything, and are worth every penny. Booking the photo shoot was so easy and simple. And our photographer, Karin, was fantastic to work with. She had great suggestions and made us feel very comfortable. Can't wait to use Flytographer again on my next trip! We had an amazing time shooting in Dubai! The location was amazing! I'm glad we booked with you guys! Thank you for the amazing pictures! Everybody loved my pictures, Olga my photographer was punctual and very professional, helped us with poses and we felt very comfortable.

From the beginning; Johnny was professional, friendly, attentive and really easy to work with. The quality of his shots is absolutely amazing and a testament to the love he has for what he does. We were so excited to pick the destination on our honeymoon where we would use the shoot, and finally decided on Santorini, Greece. My husband and I had the best time wandering the tiny alleyways of Oia, and our photographer, Ioannis was such a pleasure to work with. Ioannis knew the best spots to get some amazing shots - despite there being lots of people around, it seemed as if we were the only two there.

What a great experience, and now we have amazing memories of our honeymoon which we will cherish forever! We had to re schedule our session and Melinda our photographer was so patient and understanding. We were lucky to have chosen her to take our family photographs. The session was very smooth and we enjoyed every minute of it. Natural posing, some chatting and lots of running after our little girl.

Our experience with Flytographer was fabulous. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip: having some family photographs captured! Worth framing! He took the most amazing photos and I felt like I didn't even know he was there. So patient, amazing eye, a wonderful experience!!! Wendy was amazing and managed to capture lots of fun shots, as well as the beautiful gorgeous beach Kapalua Bay. They are memories that we will cherish forever!

Her easy-going personality made us feel very comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. The early morning shoot gave us Paris to ourselves, and we had fun recreating some moments from one of my daughter's favorite musicals - 'An American in Paris'. The photos from the shoot are lovely, and we will always cherish our mother-daughter trip. After searching on my own for a local photographer while traveling, I came across Flytographer. We had great communication leading up to our trip and they connected us with someone local who happened to be originally from our home state!

Our shoot concierge is always great at planning and coordinating the shoot. I look forward to our next trip so that we can get some more nice photos!! Reasonable prices for memories that will last a lifetime. We had so much fun! Thanks again. I planned the perfect proposal and it was only possible because of them. I planned this over seas a few weeks before and everything worked out as planned.

I would highly recommend Flytographer to anyone, you will not be disappointed. I would highly recommend Flytographer. Not only was the service and assistance through the concierge always on-time and accurate, having Peter with his professionalism and good energy as our photographer made everything smooth and enjoyable.

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From the excellent customer service who went absolutely above and beyond to help this amazing life event happen to the premium staff of photographers, I couldn't have asked for anything better. While it may not be appropriate for every vacation, it's certainly something I would recommend and consider doing again! What a perfect memory of our trip and anniversary celebration! Our photo shoot was fun, easy, and enjoyable.

Michael was very personable, knowledgeable about the city, and most importantly a great photographer. We were amazed at how quickly we received our pictures. They're great - thank you so much! He was very personable and made the experience pleasurable. We were thrilled with the results. You guys are the freaking best. Thanks for the incredible memories! We're a bit awkward in front of the camera, but he put us at ease.