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Centrica's shares fell 1. Have you read any good books lately? Against a basket of major currencies, the dollar. DXY eased 0. He has recently had run-ins with management at Biogen and Transocean Ltd. The State Council admitted that pollution was both harming people's health and affecting "social stability. Combined with hot air on the ground, the unstable air could create a strong updraft that draws smoke high into the atmosphere, fire spokesman Capt. Mike Lindbery said. Marco Rubio, Fla. The GOP lost the Hispanic vote to Democrats by a wide margin in November , and has since acknowledged that it needs to take steps to appeal to a more diverse base if it wishes to remain politically viable.

How much is a First Class stamp? Private equity and other suitors have circled the company for more than two years and have come up empty so far. A foreign buyer would also need approval from Canadian authorities. For example, HIV deaths frequently get misclassified because of cultural stigma. Where do you study? WikiLeaks published most of the material on its website. Halfpenny's attempt from out wide hit the far upright. Santa ClaraCounty Superior Court Judge Patricia Lucas will have up to 90days to make a ruling on the trial's central issue of whetherthe city's pension overhaul of current employee's benefits is atodds with state law.

Analysts say her ruling will be appealed. House of Representatives Republicans refused onThursday to give in to President Barack Obama's demand forstraightforward bills to run the government beyond Sept. He admitted to drug use for the same reason A-Rod did: Because he was caught. And when he did issue his public confession, he did exactly what A-Rod did, which means he admitted to just enough drug use to make you think it was somehow a misdemeanor with him and not a felony. Tate serves on one of the Navy's new nightly patrol units charged with policing bases to control heavy drinking and reckless behavior.

Rates have risen as the Fed is expected before the end of the year to scale back bond-buying. SundaySky can generate millions ofvideos from a single template in real time, allowing the videosto always be up to date. About 7, of those women gave birth after fertility therapy.

Monteith talked bluntly about struggling with addiction since he was a teenager, calling it a serious problem and telling Parade magazine in he was "lucky to be alive. But she referred to the local coroner's office any questions on whether one of the two girls killed in the accident had been run over by a fire vehicle. Hersman said the cause of death had not yet been determined. The power-sharing deal was forged by regional leaders after Zimbabwe's last disputed and violent election in Could I ask who's calling?

The study explains that the nomads who resided in the Eurasian Steppe did influence the society that depended on agriculture for their livelihood. Natixis and Credit Suisse reportedly sold theirportfolios to Morgan Stanley in a move that baffled the USbank's peers. Ventris was an architect who had never been to university. Everyone knew that the tablets were the municipal documents of a Bronze Age Cretan kingdom. Smiling Eli, who left for the pocket, held second. Corky was third.

As a result, I am hopeful that we will resolve this matter with the Government as quickly as possible. This has liberated the market and opened up the sale of beachfront property, which is good news for buyers and sellers alike. Treasury yields tumble whileriskier assets like stocks, stage a rally. Near term impliedvolatilities also fell, reflecting healthy risk appetite withsharp swings in currencies unlikely.

Thanks, Q. All the best to you and your family members. Michael MQ Quigley. They're not that rare but because of antenatal diagnosis they don't always get born. But critics in four stateshave questioned whether the plan would increase transmissionrates for Entergy customers without providing sufficientbenefits. He's an excellent negotiator and has nerves of steel when it comes to negotiating with conservatives.

Lotte Chemical will consumethe light naphtha for petrochemical production. They also found that thousands of feet of surface erosion and deposition would be required in order to account for the observed imbalance between the large roots and small surface topography. The BMG acquisition scales up its music publishing interests.

Music will not though be reported separately, suggesting a high acquisition multiple while not changing the group's earnings profile materially. The partnership with Penguin creates economies of scale, a substantially larger business and better pricing leverage with online distribution platforms like Amazon and iTunes. We've been working on that for a little while, we've tried several things, it's definitely something we continue to invest in and I continue to pay personal attention to.

Would there be an NFL season to talk about this fall? It was an improvement from , when, derided by Kansas City fans for not picking Royals favorite Billy Butler for the Derby, he did not hit one homer. Telus declined to comment. I turned on the Dan Patrick Show earlier this week after Tony Dungy had joined the show as a guest and caught them in the middle of discussing how a defensive player in the NFC North had to be suspended for his heinous actions on Sunday.

At the heart of it all is a 7-inch Android tablet. This tablet can then be docked into a station connected to your TV and then through the use of a remote be used as a media device. Add-in a controller and you have three devices in one, essentially. With the paparazzi ready to snap their every move, you would think that celebrities would be Part of President Barack Obama's health care law, the program is in limbo as a congressional debt panel searches for budget savings and behind the scenes, administration officials scramble to find a viable financing formula.

Pipelines, another low-cost option, do not exist in many of Kirby's markets, he added. We were not in good shape atNERC or in the industry in terms of understanding what we shouldbe doing and where we needed to focus," Cauley told an industrymeeting earlier this year. The SPD wants six posts in Merkel's future cabinet, among themthe role of finance minister, German media reported on Sunday. That would mean Merkel having to relinquish Schaeuble, financeminister since and one of the most influential andrespected players through the euro zone crisis.

A peppercorn is a mini fruit; like a tomato it goes from green to red and then black. You pick the peppercorns when they are green to prevent the birds getting them or storms damaging them. To get black peppercorns you dry the green peppercorns in the sun for two weeks. White pepper is produced by soaking the black peppercorns in streams or pools for a fortnight until the black skin peels off and only the white seed is left.

Thousands more staff and volunteers have been at the 1,acre site since last week. It is a book their customers would buy. So I am pleased to say that it was a good quarter for Tiffany. Looking forward, we remain focused on a range of growth opportunities, including new product introductions and further broadening brand awareness through marketing communications. On a related marketing note, Tiffany is one of the most recognized and awarded leaders in the luxury digital space. Our passion and creativity in this area is seen within tiffany.

Everywhere in the world, Tiffany is maximizing connectivity with our customers through all digital platforms. And to become even better, we will relaunch our website later this year with enhanced content that will be even richer and more robust in an integrated presentation. We will, of course, also be focused on expanding our global distribution and on growing comparable store sales, and we have a strong management team in place to achieve that.

In fact, during the second quarter, we bolstered our global organization when we brought in experienced leaders to head 2 of our regions. For Northern America, Anthony Ledru comes to us with many years of global retail jewelry experience; and in Europe, Florence Rollet comes to us with a strong luxury background, where she had retail management responsibility across Europe. How many more years do you have to go? Shares in Warrnambool added 0. It's very physically demanding. The Nasdaq Composite Index was down 7. The Nasdaq Composite Index was down 1.

The brigade, made up of soldiers from Tanzania and South Africa, was created in the wake of the criticism following the fall of Goma to the rebels last year. Another service? He was subsequently stripped of those titles and all other results and handed a life ban. Aside fromcocoa, it is Africa's leading producer of natural rubber as wellas a major exporter of palm oil products.

It bought seven companies during Q3, bringing its total to 20 year-to-date, according to investment bank Berkery Noyes. Yahoo is the "most active industry acquirer" this year, Berkery says in a report released Friday. Instead of going and trying to go out there and try and do it all with a swing, he knew all he had to do was try and get on base. On every crowded page of his Busytown books, the first of which, the Best Word Book Ever, was published 50 years ago, he created an uproarious carnival of calamity, often culminating in a multi-vehicle pile-up.

For photographers, the day began at about 6 a. Quite simply, if you did not get to the stadium then, you would not get to photograph the race from the spot you wanted. Our Reuters crew was small, with only five photographers compared to the 12 we had covering Usain Bolt at the London Olympics last year. It may extend that by 10 workingdays to 35 working days, to consider either a company's proposedremedies or an EU member state's request to handle the case. The old saying is that good pitching will beat good hitting every time.

No further details were given. Twitter has apolicy of restricting outside investors to only a handful, butRizvi has had more freedom to bring in additional investorssince he bought a large slice of the company. Unlike others, Ukip has made it clear that Britain has nothing to fear by leaving the EU and has set out the many benefits that this would bring. Imagine if Francesa was not backing A-Rod?

It is about the use of chemical weapons. And now comes Terence Rattigan's slow-paced family drama "The Winslow Boy," which has not been seen on Broadway since That clock now reads If there was, however, its readout would be a lot sooner than Again, you cannot trade the shares until you have been notified of the allocation. Twitter, which had initially resisted by arguing that the data was stored beyond French jurisdiction in its California servers, ultimately complied in June. We must define precisely what U. All of the sensors and the ten-day rechargeable battery are housed in the removable lid, which also has another neat trick for the more active: it can count laps and repetitions.

Bankshares rose 7. Her parents Bahadur and Parvati could not afford treatment for Laxmi or her older brother Azad pictured together with younger sister Suman, left and she knows now she will never have children and does not want to marry. She has endured years of bullying and stares but she says the hardest thing to come to terms with is the future she has been denied by her condition. After Djotodia declared himself president, a regional summit called on him to form a transitional council that would prepare for free and fair elections. Investment bank Lehman Brothers collapsed,U.

Treasury department data showed on Thursday. Both will factor into tighter CDSspreads. Yes, we get that, Carlos. But where is her anger? Where is her humiliation? The voters want a piece of it. They deserve a piece of it. How much does the job pay? Silence descends. He munches quietly on his breakfast slice. The waiter nodded and left to fill her request. No problem, right? Their job markets are shaky and their student loans large.

Now, large health insurance premiums and other costs hidden in the ACA will further dim those prospects. The six, all drivers, were killed by Taliban because they wereworking with the government, deputy provincial governor AbdulWali Sehee said. After all, for the better part of the last 14 months, Trudeau has been locked in an acrimonious dispute with the FTC over the agency's allegations that Trudeau was concealing assets that should have been used to pay the sanction. If a judge ultimately finds an ongoing conservatorship is needed, a state social worker or one of Amanda's relatives could be appointed conservator for up to a year and then re-apply each year after that.

Wal-Mart is considering a bid, people familiarwith matter have said, but the Tesco deal has apparently ruledout interest from CRE, according to some bankers. Cook for about five minutes over a low to medium heat until the carrots shrivel a little. Add the shallots and garlic with the herbs and cook until the shallots are soft. Add the Bomba! Put the marrow bones into the pan, slotting them in between the vegetables. Add the pork and cover with water.

Bring to the boil, turn down to a simmer and cover with a lid. Cook for minutes until the pork is tender. Serve over pasta, gnocchi or potatoes, with plenty of chopped parsley. Could I order a new chequebook, please? In the end, I did learn to read, but not until the fairly late age of eight.

My sister Philippa was taught to read by more conventional methods and could read by the age of four. But then, she was definitely brighter than me. We want you to tell us what you think of our articles. How do I get an outside line? This offset supportive news ofsupply disruptions in Libya and a big inventory draw last weekat the delivery point for benchmark U.

Some of it is good and essential and some of it is baggage. From legendary boxers and iconic tennis players to golfing greats and fabled Olympians, the Daily News has the photos you want of the once-in-a-lifetime sports moments. Find yours today and relive history. There was almost anarchy, as the government was not able to convince the liberal segment of Egyptian society to agree to their polices. As a result they turned to more radical groups, like the Gehadi, and Fundamental Salafists to support them.

This was not without paying a political price, as instead of bringing those groups to the platform of Muslim brotherhood, who are basically moderate, the Brotherhood become Salfists and adopted far more radical polices, just to keep the radicals onboard. So the only avenue open to them was to hastily take quick steps to go on what become known in Egypt Brother-ing the Egyptian State which means putting their members and supporters in every layer of the state hierarchy -- Ministers, Governors, Ambassadors, and the like. This hasty move alerted other segments of society that took to the street demanding a correction, by either early elections or referendum.

The rest of the story is now well known. This was an incredibly profitable project. This really opened my eyes. Now the Jets are a game out of first place in the AFC East and can look around at the race for the second wild card in the AFC and see a field about as stellar as the one Bill de Blasio beat to get the Democratic nomination. Rana Faqir Hussain was arrested on December 8, , and was taken into custody with his family, including a six-month-old baby.

Chase Headley plated the other run for the Friars, who snapped a two-game skid. Huston Street closed it out for his 33rd save. Adam Eaton drove in the lone run for the D'backs, who had won their previous two. Brandon McCarthy allowed all four runs in six frames as he slipped to The AeroSeven Concept is the first model in that journey. He picked up a lunch of fried oysters, fried shrimp, onion rings and french fries from Nancy's Restaurant and went to the nearby rental home of senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, who also vacations on Martha's Vineyard.

Obama did not join him for lunch. The realtors tried to talk me into getting a house 3 times more expensive. I was able to make the mortgage payments because I never spent more than I felt comfortable paying. When I sold the house 14 years later, I sold it a few thousand dollars below the market rate to sell it quick.

A week later I bought 21 acres of land and negotiated payments about the same as my former house payment and for a shorter term. I haven't had a mortgage in 13 years as a resut and I'm still a long way away from retirement. Sleeping on a bench since Wednesday, Buckingham Palace officials are worried for their number 1 supporter. House Republicans also want to usethe debt limit as leverage to demand deeper spending cuts onexpensive federal benefits programs.

In fact, one could make a strong case that Netflix has convinced many viewers who might once have been happy to watch free, ad-supported television to pay monthly fees for the privilege of viewing serialized episodes. What the winner does is find the new sweet spot associated with consuming what users want cheap or free. The dangling value that Netflix originally captured through its DVD-by-mail service lay in Blockbuster's movie rental and late fees, which consumers were only too happy to stop paying. Ballmer will stay on for up to a year until a new CEO is found.

Researcher Euromonitor International sees the U. But inside, Castro restrained her with an extension cord, dragged her to the basement where he bound her with chains, put a motorcycle helmet on her and began more than a decade of rape and battering. The protests that followed were the biggest in Brazil since the end of military dictatorship during the late 80s. And when race is involved they often attract national attention.

Interest is also growing inbitcoin trading, investment funds, and "mining" - the process ofcreating the digital currency. Actual prices in emerging markets have not been disclosed. Only mindless people would follow religion so zealously that their false god is allowed to be spoken only by those paying their bills. Here you specify how much risk you are prepared to take and are offered a portfolio designed for that level of risk tolerance. However, they had higher risk of gaining weight over the next two years when compared to other children who didn't drink sugary beverages.

The amendment allows a person in fear of serious injury to use deadly force to defend themselves rather than retreat. Jurors in Florida said the law left them no option but to acquit Zimmerman for the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager. But it still arrives in London four minutes late as usual, so taking eight minutes longer than the originally timetabled 38 minutes. What part of do you come from?

Austrian officials said Morales' plane was searched early Wednesday by Austrian border police after Morales gave permission. Bolivian and Austrian officials both said Snowden was not on board. Its operations and strategy are under the direct control of the Ministry of Education, while its annual budget plans and the guarantee limit for its bonds are reviewed by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance MOSF before submission for approval by the National Assembly.

Adherence to budget plans is monitored by the MOSF. In itsNovember debt market debut, even though the books were openin Asian hours, investors in the region found the pricing tootight as the comps used were US companies. Ultimately, the dealhinged mostly on investors in the US, while those in Asia choseto sit it out, only to watch the bonds rally in secondarytrading.

Carlos Villanueva didn't know Soriano personally until this season, and he was impressed at his devotion to the game. And that has raised questions of how united and effectively the BRICS can press the leaders of the rich countries to adopt a strong statement on the issue. But of that group, only Woods has won a major title.

It is, quite simple, his tournament to win at this point. Some airport fire engines weren't filled with water and others didn't have personnel to drive them, said the official, who insisted on anonymity because he wasn't authorized to release details of an ongoing investigation. This, Kerr confessed, she learned the hard way. In spite of her success in the modeling world, Kerr described a fashion industry plagued with rejection and insecurities. Meanwhile, the Social Security Administration estimates that the average year-old worker faces a 3 in 10 chance of being disabled at some point before age And what's healthy for one person may be harmful for someone else.

Yet all around us, Test cricket is being beaten to a pulp. Corporations have resorted in the past to public assistance ontheir products. In , Netflix Inc awarded a cashprize to a team that succeeded in improving by 10 percent theaccuracy of its system for movie recommendations. It's a jaw-dropping look we've seen another buxom beauty pull off in the past.

As for who wore it best? We'll call this one a tie. We will look in Italy, we will look everywhere, but I will definitely not be wasting any more time on Canada," he said. Indeed, AirProducts argued as such during its takeover bid for Airgas,saying shareholders should have a right to directly vote on itsbid. For now, the test stores have trained staff members on baby products available during busy shopping times to help shoppers. That would leave the tricky task ofunwinding the stimulus to his successor, quite possibly Fed ViceChair Janet Yellen who was identified by a White House officialon Wednesday as the front-runner for the job.

What line of work are you in? Beyond this, the perfect digital storm includes immense, seemingly unlimited, computing power via cloud server farms, remarkable biosensors, genome sequencing, imaging capabilities and formidable health information systems. It provides incorporation registries so global businesses can claim they are based on the islands and effectively sidestep taxes in countries where their work is performed. What do you want to do when you've finished? Gold has proven to be fool's gold. At one conference Iattended for high-net worth investors, there was an entiresession devoted to investing in coconut plantations, becauseeven if the global financial system implodes, people will needfood and oil.

All true, but still it's a stretch to believe thatwhen the system collapses, coconut owners will be the ones withthe last laugh. They've got separate, raised buttons rather than integrating them into the pad itself and this design makes it incredibly easy to click and drag. For those who aren't comfortable with touchpads, there's also a touchstick in the centre of the keyboard with a second set of buttons that're positioned to work perfectly in concert with it.

It was a head-on shot that showed Franchitti appear to move to the left to block Power, then swing back to the right when Power adjusted to the other side. Facing the soaring pension and health care costs of transit workers, Prendergast will have a hard time balancing the books. He has a tough job to do, but a deal is a deal. Riders have paid enough.

They are proud of their garden and enjoy being able to cook with ingredients in such peak condition. It is not clear how soon Rhodes couldissue his ruling. I got all of his foot," a somber Young said. That's why I ran back to him and tried to console him as much as I could and to apologize.

I suppose these efforts might ease the financial strain, but how much? The new Studio is tuned with balance, accuracy, and emotion, has a breathtaking design and truly innovative technology. This is the sound of the future. She read from a letter Bales sent to his two children 10 weeks before the killing: "The children here are a lot like you. They like to eat candy and play soccer. They all know me because I juggle rocks for them. Kevyn Orr, thestate-appointed financial manager, has not ruled out the sale ofDIA treasures to address the city's financial plight. He was a "good packer of sheet music" and loved meeting his friend Davie Jones David Bowie , at Soho's Giaconda Cafe, to talk about music.

He was also immensely pleased by the fact that Chelsea's star players used to come to the office Christmas parties. Do you have to go much further? The codex is on loan from the library. Legal experts doubt anyone will challengehis authority to make the appointment. The brotherhood, the accountability, everything is there.

But he was not interested in them. A federal judge in Texas dismissed the government's claim in I kind of established a role in New York that I think fits me perfectly Andrus drew a one-out walk, then stole second before eventually scoring on Geovany Soto's double to center for a lead.

Would you like a receipt? If something seems like a half decent idea then throw it out there and see how it does. He was also met with hecklers, whom hecalled "President Obama's paid political operatives. But there's no guarantee markets will be sanguine if investors keep getting paid but many segments in the U. Department of Justice. In August, the DOJ issued a "second request" for more information and documents from the companies for its review.

Gannett said then that such requests are "a standard part" of the DOJ review process. After the issue became public, Silver said Collins never alerted him to the situation at the time and that he first heard about it in June, after it was brought to his attention by Assemblywoman Deborah Glick D-Manhattan. Apple is handling inquiries by referring to its press release.

Earlier this month, Russian embassy staff were withdrawn after gunmen attacked its compound in Tripoli. A car bomb was also found outside the Italian embassy in June. Hethen compounded the error by saying chancellors were underpaidand that Merkel was so popular because she was a woman. It was among these people that performance dipped significantly. He even hinted that he might get a bit more vicious with his teammates in practices. Chicago battles Washington in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday.

I was anxious about a natural birth, so my consultant recommended a private pre-natal class where there was no preaching or bias: 'A good natural birth is preferable to a Caesarean,' he said, 'And a Caesarean is preferable to a bad natural birth. Bankruptcy Judge Allan Gropper in Manhattan on Thursday said there was no evidence that Kodak or its creditors were "hiding value" from shareholders, who under the proposed reorganization would lose their investments.

They were due to be questioned as suspects on Wednesday. Constantly renew your skills. In addition to getting real-world experience by taking on jobs, Elance University, which offers more than 20, online courses free and paid , teaches freelancers about everything from how to write a killer proposal for a client to technical skills, such as how to use Javascript. State highways and were closed into the canyons, and evacuation shelters were set up at schools in Las Vegas and Pahrump. The sample was small people and it took place in one hospital that was situated in a predominantly black neighborhood in Baltimore.

An emergency room in, say, Malibu might yield a different result with different alcohol brands being named. Washington state is one of the largestproducers of alfalfa for export. Amy Smart stepped out wearing a sparkly diamond ring on her left hand. The couple's engagement comes five months after they began dating. Globally, scientific data and peer-reviewed studies show a long-term increase in global soil moisture, resulting in less frequent and less severe drought. That is how I am. Johnson has stripped down for PETA's cruelty-free campaign.

Posing naked, the "Dancing With the Stars" pro has only a rabbit to cover her modesty. Johnson hopes to make people aware enough to choose cruelty-free products that are untouched by animal testing. Tied in a ponytail that day, her hair became a toy to Tilikum. As the whale grabbed it, Brancheau broke free. But he grabbed her again, dragging her to the bottom of the pool. The audience were quickly led away as the horror played out.

They will need the support of the broader campus community in the weeks and months ahead, and we will provide it. Here is my story in a few words. I wrote to you, I think, just before I left for Bordeaux, promising another letter as soon as I returned to Paris. I got to Paris on March Four days later, on the 18th, the insurrection broke out, postal services were suspended, I no longer thought of giving you any sign of life.

For two months I lived in the furnace: cannon fire day and night, and towards the end shells flying over my head in my garden. He'll receive a lengthy suspension from baseball and then head to the ballpark to play for the New York Yankees for the first time this season. How much will it cost to send this letter to? The US firm is eligible to receive up to 79 million euros in milestones and other payments. That was often his reaction when another Middle Eastern puzzle was being hotly tossed around. Usually he knew more than anyone else at the table, and usually, he kept his own counsel.

article du 25/01/12222

He disputed the contention that insurers were seeking "loopholes" in parity laws. That was the lowest growth in a year andwell below the percent in the three previous quarters. We expected that eliminating standardized tests as a required element of the application would enable us to increase the number of highly qualified applicants to the college, increase the quality of the enrolled freshman class, and increase the diversity of that class. And we fared well against those goals.

It says it is making progress in trimming its unprofitable businesses. That match kicked off at 7. As I'm sure you have noticed by now this match, being held in Moscow, begins 2 hours and 45 minutes ahead of that standard Champions League kick off time. Due to protections offered by international aviation rules, a commercial flight may be Snowden's best bet for a ticket to asylum, trumping private jets or government planes.

The trade data eased fears that aslowdown in the world's second largest economy would threatenthe improving outlook in Europe and the still-fragile U. Steve King made comments that were I think deeply offensive and wrong," Boehner said. We all need to do our work in a constructive, open and respectful way. The star, it seems, has packed a fully stocked designer closet for her European trip. And this bright, bold Gucci Resort paisley ensemble is, we think, one of her best outfits yet. Contrasting voices range from Robbie Savage, a man who believes that if he speaks stridently at volume for long enough eventually no-one will be able to discern that he's saying nothing of interest, to the entirely measured and reasonable Danny Murphy.

What do you study? Gulf of Mexico, a sign theworst of the storm had already passed deepwater areas of thebasin. They were evacuated earlier this week. Also, preventative efforts should target heavy-smoking households, trying to break the cycle of influence on the oldest siblings," Vuolo said. But arecent slew of Chapter 9 filings has yielded many new faces, andDetroit's bankruptcy will only continue that trend.

The announcement comes after the Draft Budget was published yesterday. This will inevitably mean there will be more cyclists on the roads. He allegedly told the teen if they were the same age he'd date her. They were later identified as Israeli commandos. The Kenyan recce group went back inside, some carrying rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

Over the next two hours, two loud explosions were heard. The Democratic-controlled Senate hasrepeatedly rejected those efforts. She said the past six years have been tumultuous for the economy and challenging for many Americans. O2, which switched on its 4G services at the same time as Vodafone, is yet to disclose how many 4G users it has attracted. The more comfortable you become with the questions asked, the better you will be able to predict patterns and move through the exam efficiently.

Might even make some money. But the whole idea is, did you or did you not take PEDs? And, according to USA Today, this melting also releases environmentally-damaging greenhouse gases and high carbon levels. That would be good newsfor Germany, Europe's largest economy, which sends some 40percent of its exports to the single currency bloc. Officials say once the facts are clear, Obama will make a decision about how to proceed. Over the same period CRHshares rose 9 percent as some economic gloom receded. Tarleton and Stein fell in love. To me it's that chemistry," Tarleton said.

But the total number in Khartoum was likely tohave been in the thousands, and there were also demonstrationsin the Red Sea coastal city of Port Sudan. In the latest update it explains what cookies are and how we use them on our site. To learn more about cookies and their benefits, please view our privacy policy.

Please be aware that parts of this site will not function correctly if you disable cookies. By continuing to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with our privacy policy unless you have disabled them. This is made worse by the lack of democratic accountability and judicial oversight. That could be just an idle threat since he does enjoy playing and being the center of attention. Two search engine companies billed as alternatives to Google, Bing and Yahoo are also reporting significant surges in use.

Data collected today can endure, in principle, forever, so even if someone trusts today's government and its agencies with that information, whether they will grant all future governments the same trust is a separate and much more difficult question. Secrecy, though a useful and often necessary tool, has its own cost in public trust and can both help and hurt the sustainability of security efforts.

Striking a balance between secrecy and transparency must be taken on directly; here, again, the public has its own vote on how much is the right amount. The lettersaid that represented the price paid by the prince to the Sultanof Brunei to acquire it, plus the cost of modifications. This could ensure fairercompetition between them and China Mobile, whoseshares slipped 0. On the other hand, or fin, as it were, Lionfish do not normally hide under rocks, but swim out in the open, where they are easily seen.

But others see links between the seemingly disparate power struggles. The tour began in August and culminated in this arrival in Germany. The administration had always been clear that chemical weapons were a game changer in Syria, but now, with the British announcing Thursday they'd be staying on the sidelines, the U. The Japanese government has even predicted that if we left the EU, our exports to it would suffer from the reimposition of trade barriers and we would face higher tariffs on our exports to the EU.

He was nearly 10 when Germany invaded Poland in He lost two brothers during the Holocaust but was protected by Oskar Schindler, in whose factory he was working, at the age of Many of them, in technology fields, live frugal work-basedlifestyles and are not saddled with the six-digit student debtheld by doctors and lawyers.

He said the United States and Russia have cooperated on Afghanistan and counter-terrorism, particularly after the Boston Marathon bombings last spring. Could I have an application form? Merkel told a rally in Potsdam, near Berlin. Where's the nearest cash machine? It also develops its own apps. I was pleased to secure the European premiere for London. My job now is to get ready for next year.

We do our jobs to the best of our ability, they're going to do their jobs to the best of their abilities, and you understand that at the end of the day. How do you do? Should the league benefit financially from the tremendous value of the tickets or should the fans who buy them at face value get to cash in? Basically, the answer is whatever the market will bear. It will be interesting to see how much fans will be willing to pay on the secondary market for Super Bowl XLVIII, the first one played in an outdoor cold weather city.

The term loan B-1 and the senior note issuance have been eliminated. She also ordered both sides "to pursue settlement discussions" under the supervision of her colleague, U. District Judge Kimba Wood. ENRC's independentboard members have told minority investors to seriously considerthe offer, due to a lack of alternative options.

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It says that a few days before they died, Indian troops crossed the LoC to abduct and kill four civilians in the Neelum valley area. The hot air of Global warming links to human caused atmospheric greenhouse gas pollution by using low cost, supply exceeding demand curve, during the last years using fossil fuel for energy production by is mirrored by the cold shoulder given by venal politicians or general public attention and less thoughts to immediate or future effects caused by a shortage of one or too much of the other.

Different companies may come up with different definitions of total compensation and apply different statistical sampling techniques, depending on their particular circumstances and purposes. The discrepancy may well yield misleading comparisons across companies. By such remarks, Kobler was hoping to make the submission by families of the Camp Liberty residents to the U.

Any further awards will likely be honorary. She told Canada's National Post in June that she was "probably not going to write anymore. The Chilean newspaper Las Ultimas Noticias reported the story of their arrival. Russian influence is particularly strong in the industrialised east, as well as in Crimea, an autonomous republic on the Black Sea which was part of Russia until The Russian Black Sea Fleet is based there. The coverage islinked to other insurance market reforms and new consumersafeguards, including a ban on discrimination based on genderand health history.

But staked to the lead, Weaver handled the Indians and won his fourth straight decision, and for the sixth time in eight starts dating to July 2. A new study has suggested that testicle size plays a role in whether or not a guy is an involved dad, but this is one time less is more: the smaller the family jewels, the better the family man. The only crew change was the promotion of Ainslie - a record five-time Olympic medalist knighted by the Princess Royal at Buckingham Palace in March.

Mobius denied reports on Russian newsagencies of a meeting with Igor Sechin, CEO of the state oilmajor, to discuss a buyout. In comments to Reuters, he saidminorities had not yet, as far as he knew, received a formaloffer. Local media said some , people had gone to the remote Ratangarh village temple in the Madhya Pradesh district of Datia to honor the Hindu mother goddess Durga on the last day of the popular day Navaratra festival.

Counselors may focus on acknowledging her trauma but not letting it control decisions. Then they repeatedly ordered Lopez to drop the gun, and he failed to comply, according to authorities. Do you have any exams coming up? It also means the Cardinal could very well take a step back from last year's level if they can't correct issues in some key areas. An employee also discovered that the power had been cut to the yard, he said. I must say these are not accidents. There must be a systematic problem in the way things are run over there. Examinations of mouse brains found a similar decrease in the protein due to aging.

The bulk ofGreenwald's stories thus far have appeared in the Guardian. In July, a lawsuitwas filed against New York-based BitInstant LLC, accusing thefirm of making "false representations about its services and theinflated fees that it failed to refund as promised. This proved to be troublesome because she was obviously busy and not typing.

Also, I was one of the few people in the room speaking English, so I moved on. The last victim reported with the virus is a 15 year old boy. As veteran newsman Ted Koppel recently said on National Public Radio, "We are privatizing ourselves into one disaster after another. We've privatized a lot of what our military is doing. We've privatized a lot of what our intelligence agencies are doing.

We've privatized our very prison system in many parts of the country. We're privatizing the health system within those prisons. And it's not working well. That is a respectable number, if we are just talking volume. The problem is that 47, of those apps have been created by one "developer" that appears to be taking advantage of BlackBerry's open publishing rules and flooding BlackBerry World with a tidal wave of crap that does no favors to BlackBerry or its diminishing base of consumers. Monster High hit toy-store shelves in And a third franchise will be announced this year.

The heavy fighting over the past two years has destroyed wide areas and knocked down entire buildings. Criminallitigation would continue under a government shutdown, whilecivil litigation would be curtailed or postponed as much aspossible "without compromising to a significant degree thesafety of human life or the protection of property," thedepartment said in its contingency plan. Herbalife has repeatedly denied Ackman's claims. Asked if she regretted reporting the assault, Dalelv said no: "The truth is the only thing that will help me get through this.

Government workers are relatively well paid. They have benefit packages and pension plans that are the envy of their neighbors. During her short run in the play, she complained of severe backache and abdominal pain. After the production's Christmas break she was admitted to hospital and died in her sleep after having breathing problems.

Doctors believed the cause to be cancer. Lindy Boggs will come into the room. The debate will change. By the time she leaves the room, she usually has what she came to get. The city also rewired the entire electrical system and replaced the heating plant. He said part of the Voting Rights Act that allows private lawsuits over allegedly discriminatory voting practices was sufficient to weed out any lingering discrimination.

The coach gave the highest compliment to the retired Giant Wednesday, saying if he could start any franchise with any player he's ever seen, he'd choose LT, "because I know he's going to be there every Sunday and try and his best to win the game. By the update of the song for the World Cup, the songwriters had evidently decided to do away with precise calculations altogether when they sang: "No more years of hurt, no more need for dreaming.

The two worst Presidents back to back and the idiots are calling for more with Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. When will we ever learn? Foreign Corrupt Practices Act are pending. The rest will go towardcapital improvements and a flexible fund, according to Harvard, recently ranked America's No. Pray for me. It all gets back to common sense in food preparation," she said. Give it several good washes and rinses and you're about as assured as you can be of being as safe as possible. There's been some suggestion too that Microsoft, with the launch of its Surface tablet, could be interested in getting more involved in the hardware business.

It also plans to issue common andpreferred shares in the market. And Grande did it without riding wrecking balls naked or dancing in a bikini with a boa constrictor! He's overcome a lot of adversity in his life, he's got tremendous character. We're hurting for him, but at the same time, we have to keep going and find guys. And it is very important to know when to stop. In the heat of the moment, he threw the device onto the couch, which caught fire. The flames then spread to the curtains and the rest of the house, "out of control," Xianguo said.

Now I think my goal is just happiness and being good to people and getting joy out of taking somebody fishing and putting them on a big fish or something, and watching fans' faces at my concerts. I don't know, man, everything I've ever dreamed of has happened. I think now I'm just shifting my goals into pure enjoyment. Butit has been granted a partial reprieve as U. It is a bit of a fantasy collection, the idea of these girls walking down to a perfect picnic.

It is actually a very Edwardian, '70s look," Packham, who is celebrating the 25th anniversary of her label, said backstage. A charter bus crashed near Sherman, Texas, killing 17 members of a Vietnamese-American Catholic group en route to Missouri. Former Democratic presidential candidate and vice-presidential nominee John Edwards admitted having an extramarital affair.

Russia sent an armored column into the breakaway enclave of South Ossetia after Georgia launched an offensive to crush separatists there. What's the last date I can post this to to arrive in time for Christmas? He said the telecom was eager to affix its name to the "premier sporting venue in the nation, if not the world.

After confirming, the device will block calls and text messages from that number. My very first week in the job coincided with a deposit run at Northern Rock, a British lender which came unstuck when it could no longer fund itself in the markets. Some of my earliest interviews on the beat were with people dusting off the manual on how to deal with bank runs. Organising guide-ropes inside bank branches was one tactic: better that than have people spill out onto the street, signalling to others that they had better join the back of the queue.

One HSBC veteran happily recounted stories of the Asian financial crisis, in which tellers were instructed to bring piles of cash into view to reassure people that banks were overflowing with money. He came home that day and demanded that they try a more equitable system of chores, and they drew lots to determine who did what.

The Capitol was locked down for about an hour during the incident. Konatala said Jagan has appealed to all parties to join hands in keeping the state united as the division is aimed at short-term political gains being "engineered by Congress and Sonia Gandhi to make Rahul Gandhi the prime minister". Strawberry Lane has been decimated.

It is a shame they have been cut during the growing season. On March 30, well before elections were announced, a mob attacked a private meeting of TNA parliamentarians, injuring 13 people, despite a police guard. While the central bank noted the increase in mortgage rates, which could harm the housing recovery, and the dangers of low inflation, the overall outlook appears unchanged. Unless economic conditions change drastically, markets should be prepared to face tapering at some point this year, with QE being wrapped up by mid While strapped states and cities often are bound by law to provide pension benefits, retiree health benefits are not - although they may be protected by collective bargaining agreements.

The percentage of state government units offering retiree health insurance to Medicare-eligible workers was 63 percent in , down from 89 percent in , according to AHRQ. She can be serious and outrageous. She has connected with our audience and offers a fresh point of view. Jenny will be a great addition to the show as we usher in an exciting new chapter for 'The View. But now it looks like the energy giants will use every trick in the book to keep their customers on rip-off deals.

But some Muslim groups argue the law stigmatizes moderate Muslims, too. France also bans headscarves in schools and public buildings. In addition, Apple likes to own one or more key technologies whenever it enters a market. But still Marianne's poison seeps readily into Eva's ears. He looked at me, sitting there like a slob with a baseball cap on my head and shook his.

We had met a number of times before, most memorably at a Christmas party at the Irish embassy in London, and had what the Irish euphemistically refer to as a session. We had also sat next to each other on more than one Aer Lingus flight, when a wonderful woman named Noreen Courtney used to take pity on me, the poor journalist, and he, the poor poet, and bump us up to first class.

Going to the cemetery, you know? Trying to keep his memory alive to the other kids and making sure that they don't forget. That very much breaks my heart for them. And I know exactly what they went through. How do you spell that? But regardless of whether Maria is a match for their daughter, the latest development in the story should result in a happy ending for at least one family, he added.

That's absolutely key,and that is going to take time to build. It may take years toget to a good level of profitability, also because of the costfor the infrastructure," Conlumino's Saunders said. Market expectations of future one-month rupee volatility are still 4 percentage points above the 7 percent levels of May. You betcha. And that finger point! I noticed that the syringes were already fixed. I was holding Chelsea, she was facing me, and Jones gave her the first shot in her left thigh.

Immediately Chelsea had trouble breathing. Investors who took the other side of that bet lost money. A restrained, but critical, drizzle of acid and olive oil brings it nicely together. The cemetery for fallenAmericans was closed, as it is managed by a U. Even a growing section of Hongkongers want to be independent, even though that is not really possible. The comet blazes in the middle of a deep-space photograph. The comet will only be , miles above the surface of the sun. Rosemary Keene leaves her permanent seat in the library to Elsie Birkeland.

Lilybel Cox leaves her ceaseless activity to Elizabeth Raymond. Margaret Haves leaves her love of outdoor life to Alice Henter. Mildred Bath leaves her record of never being asked to leave the room to Victor Melendez. Roy Walker wills his curly hair to Walter Wickingstad knowing that it will be appreciated. Wilhelmina Kleefkins wills her love of good times and her good sportmanship to Frances Days, this to be added to Frances' own great supply. Zoe Wyllie wills her love of sports to Virginia Eberenz. Sam Patchett wills his military bearing to John Whidden.

Paul Hayden wills his baseball glove to Arthur Mundberg. Porfirio leaves to Rita Joyce his stature with the consolation that it will not be given in vain. Randolph Orbaugh leaves to Della Raymond his gift of being seen and not heard. Jean Wyllie leaves Estafania Wheeler the use of the swimming pool after class hours. Woodford Babbitt leaves Tom Coley custodian of his seat in the back of the room. Charles Crum leaves to Tom Conley his ready study on how the morning class meeting should be held.

And now having duly read and agreed upon all small details and sincerely hoping we have offended none of our worthy brethren, we do scrawl our X's and quietly pass out. Uncle Sam. Big Ben. Ethel Barnett, '2. Peter himself, Harrassed by hard work and great cares. I then said I belonged to that marvelous class That C. He said, "Sure," that they'd been there for years, He said, too, they'd made Heaven a Heave'nlier place- Which was sweet, sweet music in my ears!

He summoned an angel who just flitted past, I looked-looked again in surprise; For who should it be, but Jack Pettit himself, I hardly could believe my eyes! It seemed that his work had been diving for pearls, But he'd dived once too often, and so, He'd arrived here in Heaven, and joined all of those Who'd been first of our class to go. He said Royal'd been killed in a wreck of a train A traveling salesman was he. And if death hadn't come to Marion Lowande, The world's greatest singer would she be. Lois had married, and was here with her husband, Their joy now having a revival; Adair, Minnie, and Margaret, all married too, Were now waiting their husbands' arrival.

As radio announcer, Paul lived and died, And Morton had been a great broker- But his wife caused him many a marital woe So he came up to Heav'n to provoke her. Sam'd been a Shakespearian actor ot note, Roger, a great financier, Porfy, the greatest of all human flies That ever had flown on the sphere.

Lilybel opened a dressmaking shop But not for long; she soon married- Then Sis took it over till she married, too, But on earth neither one of them tarried. Jack had to stop, he was all out of breath, Besides, he was due at a date, So he showed me the way to the Angel's Hotel And I rushed, since it was getting late. And who was hat-check girl, but Dorothy Heim. She told mie she'd been one on earth; She said Inez had been a vaudeville star In a song and dance act of gre it worth. She'd have told me of more, but a guest then arrived So I went to my registration, And who was the desk clerk, but Teddy Brandon, Whose books are now read by a nation.

He said Mildred posed for magazine covers And had wed ai man of great wealth, While Anita wed early, but didn't live long, Nor did Blanca, who had quite poor health. He stopped, then, as he had some duties to do, And as he tended his next guest I went up and slept, but next morning went out To see if I could find the rest.

This was practise, they said, for Community Night. I found their vocal talents surprising. Randolph had lecture-toured over the world; Jimmie, a prize winning jockey; Woody had starred in the Olympic games, And Charles Crum had won fame in hockey. They continued to sing, so I wandered off And there, on beautiful lawn- Marion Boomer and Gretchen were playing tennis While Jean and Rosemary looked on. They hailed me, and I learned that Jean'd been a painted ; Gretchen, a most daring flyer; Rosie, always in a fast auto race; Marion'd wed a rich cleaner and dyer.

They told me they thought that I never would die, Which was just what my relatives thought- Hut I fooled 'em-iand left them the department store Which my own hard-earned money had bought. What would happen to C. Elaine Blauvelt forgot to bring her purp to school. Rae Bliss stopped making whoopee. Peggy Bretch didn't have such pretty curls. Marguerite Bush hadn't discovered the bed bugs. Tom Colev didn't have his Cicero. Tom Conley was Fred Stewart's twin brother. Ralph Crum kept his feet under his own desk. Elsie Iarlev should grow taller.

Frances Days didn't know all the latest songs. Elise Doar didn't have that Southern drawl. Virginia Eberenz came to school on time. Evelyn Ganzmueller didn't worry over her Physics Alice Henter hadn't won the popularity contest. Pauline Herman wasn't a mermaid. Rita Joyce was tongue-tied. Helen Logan didn't resemble Greta Garbo. Jack Maher wasn't our most handsome boy. Victor Melendez didn't dress so neatly. Arthur Mundberg didn't have a weakness for teasing the girls.

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Caroline Napoleon was seen and heard. Scott Parscns couldn't make a "sax" talk. Della Raynamnd's hands were tied while she tried to talk. Elizabeth Raymond was unable to blush. Mabel Schulcrt should bob her blond, silky tresses. Dick Sergeant ever agreed with the majority of the class. Virginia Stevenson wasn't one of our faithful Juniors. Fred Stewart forgot to say, "May I have your attention, please? John Whidden moved more rapidly. Walter Wikingstad didn't have red hair.

Francisco Wong stopped paying his class dues promptly. Roll Call Stella Arthur. William Bailey. Floribel Barngrover. Earnest Berger William Blauvelt Mary Bretch. Robert Brough.. Walter Bundy.. Crawford Campbell. Dan Coffey Edward Conkling. Margaret Davis Frank Drake. Rodman Drake Ruth Duvall Russell Elwell. Fabian Englander.. Erie Ferguson. Eleanor Fitzgerald.

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Clara Frisk Burton Hackett. Parker Hanna Robert Hanna.. William Harmon. Lillian Housel Percival Lyew Robert Marshall Kenneth Maurer.. Eugenia McLain.. Margaret Misrahi.. Margaret Mitchell.. Harold Mueller. Marion Neely Gerald Neil. Mary Patterson Blanca Pulgar.. Carlos Rankin Anna Ryan Aloha Slocum. Beverly Turner George Wertz. Edward Wilkens Raymond Will.. Ben W illiams Eugene Williams. A vamp Army general Good mother.. General An artist Interior decorator Transcontinental bus line owner Famous lawyer. A tabloid reporter Poet School teacher Army officer.. Navy officer Six-day bicycle rider An historian.

Architect Domestic science teacher. A chorus girl A mathematician Dean Second Sheridan Married lady. N urse. Polar explorer. Woman's Club leader Apache dancer. Physical Directress Foreign Diplomat.. Language teacher.. Social leader.. Banana checker Second Babe Ruth A minister Bug collector As Realized in o. Second Pavlowa. Salvation Army drummer. A much divorced actress. General nuisance. Spanish teacher.

Human fly. Village postmaster. A spiritualist. Editor of Christian Science Re view. Radio bedtime storv teller. Cabaret girl. A stool pigeon. Settlement worker. Inventor of perpetual motion A taxi driver. Tight rope walker. Dressmaker of Darien. Member of the Royal Mounted Police. Colon bomber. A tiller of the soil. A revolutionist. Sunday school teacher. A circus clown.

Head of Watson's Institute. A preacher. Old maid. Second Houdini. Woman hypnotist. An African missionary. A governess in a family of eight. Heavyweight champion. Chief Politician of Wall Street. Joke Editor of JJ'hiz Bang. Only woman forest ranger. Wo Id lecturer Jay walker. Absent-minded professor. Mining engineer. An executioner at Sing Sing. Conducts research laboratory for extermi- nation of the boll weevil.

Handling "live wires" in a Broadway chorus. Edward Albin.. James Albin Thelm i Albritton Geneveive B. Allene De ikins.. William Diers Zol. Dona Eaton Joseph Ebdon. Harry Egolf Vivian Elmgren. Antonio Fernandee.. Donald Finlason. Albin Forsstrom.. Alice Gormerl.. Mildred Harmon Marion Hahn. Carl Kariger. Howard Keenan. Thelma King Marie Kleefkens Alvin Lyew.. Ben Roberts. Hermn n Ro:s. Alicia Thirlwall N ell ,, , Gathering lunches "Jimmie".

Being important "Tillic" Being with Emma "Gen".. He's tall, dark, an' handsomec "Parson Joe" Preaching I. Thomas Edison, 2d. Washwoma n. Female Beau Brunmmel. Great musician. Mary Pickford, 2d. A "King's taster. Wiedolph, 2d. Private secretary. Movie actress. Boiler maker. Married woman. Galley cook.

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Russian dancer. Public speaker. A ladies' man. Pavlowa, :d. Fatty Arbuckle, 2d. Woman jockey. Paul Whitman, 2d. Dancing professor. Paderewski, 2d. Harem owner. Road digger. Clara Bow, 2d. Famous heartbreaker. Sobrique t. Rte'ultt5 of the onte5t. Gretchen Palm, ' Tony spoke thoughtfully: "Well, Bibs, we're here at last, most prosaically seated upon the romantic, ancient, famed, celebrated, distinctive, renowned-" "-flat-arch bridge of Panama," ended Bibs with a flourish.

Tony continued undisturbed. Let's see you tell a story about this bridge, if it's so all blamed easy! Sit on yon felled tree, Sir Bibs; take out thy mighty pencil and thy papyrus and prepare thyselffor taking notes on my wondrous tale. Archimedes, the Greek math shark and, of course, many dashing cavaliers. A brook stood in the way of the great Balboa. Would it change his route? Nay, never! Doughty retainers, measure yon streame" D on Balboa snuffed his snuff and tapped his foot impatiently, then, "''What are thy calculations?

The depth is one foot and two thumbs' length, sir. Go, call Houdini; his mighty brain will solve our predicament. How to get across the stream? Suddenly he cried, "Gad- zooks, I've got the answer, and how. Build a bridge. This act was rudely dispelled when Elaine ran up to Balboa shrieking, "Vasco, my beloved, protect me! The jungle, it overwhelms me; it stifles me; it clasps me to its greedy heart, it- " "Dearest heart, the terrors of thy brain surpass those of reality.

Her eye lighted on Houdini. Come along, step lively, please. Archimedes was then sent for and his opinion on the bridge sought. The face- powder from Elaine's suit-case, the coconut-juice obtained, and the pepper and salt taken from Archimedes, who had lately been computing the number of ants it would take to carry away 3,,, grains of pepper not counting the ants that sneezed t:, death. Construction was begun on both sides. In building the center of the bridge, four men stood in the stream with boards over their heads so that the dripping mortar would not rumple their hair and shaped the arch.

The bridge was done! Being magic, the mortar soon set. We will go; the shrew and her two fric'nds may dig their own graves here, for all I care. Distressing cries were heard. But oh, what a fate awaited them. Three small stones treacherously reposed upon the bridge; Archimedes stumbled; Elaine tripped; Houdini turned a somersault; they fell-fell into the stream that was one foot and two thumbs' length in depth-and-drowned.

Did you take any notes? I faint; I gasp for breath; the smelling salts, quick"-and mockingly Tony sank weakly to the ground. Bibs laughed, "Ha, ha, go on and faint; you'll get up soon enough; you're lying on a red ants' nest. Charles Crnm, '2. Thi, storv was awarded the Senior Class Prize. I remember well, one trip I made on the Caribbean back in The Caribbean was a con- verted sea-going suction dredge, used to trans- port cattle from Colombia to the Canal Zone. I did not dislike this boat greatly after I had become used to the cattle. There would be an occasional passenger to break the monotony.

On January 30, we were about miles southwest of Cristobal. I was on duty that morn- ing when, at 9. I sent back my call letters and signified that I was ready. Her message came im- mediately. The Xenas had lost her rudder and was rolling helplessly in a rather rough sea. Her position was about fifty miles southwest of the Caribbean. I took the message to the "old man. We exchanged messages steadily now, checking courses and bearings as our skippers worked them out on the charts. From that time on, I have the messages exactly as I took them down, eight years ago. As we had no heavy cable for towing, I sent back a negative answer.

This cable was not long enough so the next message at 6. I have another piece of the same kind of wire that I will give you. It is a little longer than the one you have hold of now. The captain became worried, so at to o'clock I relayed a message to Balboa asking for help. At Will send tug Gorgona immediately. Port Captain. Gorgona left at 4 a. Keep in touch with her by wireless.

If you have to abandon tow, anchor vessel and inform Gorgona. The first message was picked up from the Gorgona at 1o. Gorgona 50 miles north of Cape Mala, 8 a. Keep me informed of your position.

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I sent our course to the Gorgona and at Will this course intercept yours? Her signals were now so loud that I did not need the captain to tell me that the relief ship was near and on the right course. After the captain had studied his chart I sent word that the Gorgona's course was "0. You are in sight. Cast off your hawser when ready. We dropped our hawser, the Gorgona picked it up and we were free to proceed on our course. Elsie Darley, ' This story was awarded the Junior Class Prize. Sailor Andrew Bones, of the U. He was reading a magazine of adventure, hair-raising and impossible.

Occasionally Andy would let the book fall, and would dreamily put himself in the place of the hero, a handsome, devil-may-care young man, whose sole duty seemed to be to rescue beautiful young ladies in dire need of rescuing. Presently the sun grew so hot that Mr. Bones sighed, picked up his book, arose, and looked for a street down which to walk to the wharf. He espied a narrow, cool-looking alleyway that led in the right direction, and proceeded to walk down it, pondering the while on the deeds of his latest hero, who- "Help-Socorr-rr-o-o-H-e-l-p!

The cry had come from the second floor of a large white building on his left. Andrew Bones, that simple- minded soul, at once deduced that here, at last, was his chance to rescue a fair lady from, probably, the clutches of a bad man, or, most likely, from a mouse.

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Anyway, it would give him a chance to get acquainted with one of the pretty seihoritas of the City, and she would be able to see how brave he was. He stopped to plan out his mode of attack, now what was it the hero did in "Fighting Blood? The rest was easy. Gee, but suppose the guy had a revolver. That wouldn't improve matters at all. Maybe he'd better wait for a more favorable adventure- "Help!

He saw the curtains of the window move. Maybe the guy had accomplices on the lookout for interferers. But he must not get scared. He pushed his cap over one eye and gave a determined tug to his jumper. The door seemed locked at his first turn of the handle, but suddenly it opened, and he found himself face to face with a little, brown, withered old lady who beamed on him tooth- lessly and said, "DeSeiior, he weesh to buy a parrot?

I'aveaver' clever performing one. Come een, Sefior, to see. Robert Brough, ' This story was awarded the Sophomore Class Prize. The tropical sun beat down on two boys sitting quietly in a small boat. Land was two miles to the north, but they had no means of reaching it for their motor had broken down, and they were drifting steadily. Guess we'll have to swim. A few minutes later they were able to stand in the shallow water and drag their boat up on the sand.

The island was covered with coconut trees, and the boys made haste to satisfy their thirst. On a small hill in the center of the island they discovered what appeared to be the ruins of an old castle. After searching the ruins for a while the younger called excitedly to his companion. In the center of the ruins he had found a small pit with a tunnel at the bottom. Both dropped into the pit and looked into the tunnel.

It was lined with blocks of stone and only a little light entered from a hole in the ceiling. They entered on hands and knees, but once inside, were able to stand up. Becoming quickly accustomed to the gloom, they advanced through the tunnel. About a hundred yards along the tunnel, a small room appeared on one side. Upon entering it they saw two boxes in one corner and a table in the other. The large box was tackled by Frank, and after some struggling he managed to break the lock, and throwing back the lid he gave a sharp cry, which brought Arthur to his side.

There in the box was a grim skeleton with a knife in its mouth. There was nothing else in the box so they tried to pry open the smaller one, but try as they would, the lock would not budge. When they tried to lift it, they heard a metallic sound inside. Come on. Let's get it to the boat. Arthur's mother, father, and sister all came to see the opening of the treasure chest, so Arthur set to work with vigor.

The rusty iron soon gave way, and he threw the likewise. Frank looked foolishly at Arthur, and lid back. On the top was an oily piece of cloth, they shut the lid slowly. They had brought home a box of musket balls which was left in the deserted castle. Quiet reigned for a while, then Arthur's father It's a peculiar thing, but they never went back burst into a roar of laughter, and his mother did to follow that mysterious tunnel to the end.

Roger Deakins, ' Proud old Fort San Lorenzo lay majestically on her high bluff, guarding the entrance to the Chagres River. Within the fort was an air of sleepy indolence, for the "Dons" were never an energetic race. And indeed, what cause was there for vigilance? Above the fort floated the golden banner of Castile and was not Spain ruler of the seas, and master of life and death on this tortured, oppressed isthmus?

It was true that strange sails had been sighted that afternoon at the mouth of the river but then, pirates were a cowardly breed and would never dare attack an armed fort. A full moon shone down in the massive walls and straw-thatched huts. A man of the garrison was whispering to a girl seated on some stone steps. A sentry walked his round perfunctorily.

The moat was full, the gates were strong. What had they to fear? Farther down the coast and around the bend, to the west of the fort was another scene. Here men were cursing and sweating as they toiled to place a brass culvirin upon a low, wheeled cart together with some shot and a keg of powder. NW hen this was accomplished a man stood forth. Evidently he was the leader. He gave his orders. The cannon with most of the men was to go to the fortress gate, while the rest going by small boat, were to scale the hill unseen and attack from the rear.

With much labor the venture was started. Just as the moon was going down and the fort was sinking into complete silence, the sleepy sentry heard a noise in front of the gate. Instantly he was wide awake, but it was too late, for at the same instant a cannon roared and the shot crashed through the gate, splintering a great piece from it. Inside the fort all was. One of the pirates, receiving an arrow almost through his body, pulled it out and wrapping a piece of his shirt around it, thrust it into his musket and fired it back before he died. The arrow with its flaming burden fell on the roof of one of the thatched huts.

As the Spaniards were fighting fire within, and the force at the gate without, the reinforcements from the rear had little trouble entering. Two hours later Henry Morgan and his followers, un- troubled by a single Spaniard, were feasting in the impregnable fortress of San Lorenzo, and pre- paring for their expedition across the isthmus to Panama City.

As the bulls came IF. Bundv, ' No one but a brave man could have old pirate, Captain Morgan, would not retreat. Of course he lost many men on the trip. Some were caught by wild although they greatly outnumbered his men. When he feasted on the fresh meat which was so obligingly reached Panama City the terrified inhabitants supplied by the polite inhabitants of Panama City. Carlos Rankin:, 'I. On a sunny afternoon in August, two boys were seated under an almond tree. Beside them was a medium-sized, black dog.

His ears, snoot, and tail were long, and in fact his general proportions denoted a hound of one sort or another. The owner, a boy of sixteen, preferred to believe that it was an offspring of a bloodhound. As flecks of sunshine fell through the leaves on its glossy coat, his eyes appraised it proudly. On his first expedition, he gathered a force of about one hundred and ninety rough men and started across the Isthmus. He would set his bloodhounds after ihe natives to round them up, then subject them to all sorts of torture in an effort to make them tell where their cities of wealth were hidden.

They would tell the truth, which was that they knew of none, and as a result, they were either torn to pieces by the bloodhounds, had their ears cut off, or put on the rack. Balboa decided to find it, so he and his companions traveled across the country through marshy swamps, bitten by mosquitoes and all sorts of vermin found in tropical jungles. They discovered it, and acquired from the natives pearls of large size, and quite a bit of gold. They returned with exaggerated tales of the great ocean and the wealth along its coast.

The purpose of his second trip was to explore along the Pacific coast. With his bloodhounds, he gathered natives to carry provisions and parts of ships across the Isthmus. Through dense jungles, swamps, and stricken with fever, the natives struggled under their huge burdens. If they dropped with exhaustion or from fever, they were goaded on again by the fear of being torn to pieces by the hounds, tortured by sharp, steel rods, and hot irons, or left to die in the jungles. M1any were left to die because they could not possibly go farther at any cost or punishment.

Through an enemy of his, one who was jealous of the sensation Balboa caused in Spain and the colonies, he was falsely charged with treason and beheaded in It's good to think he is, anyway. Elizabeth Raymond, '-o. One day, many years ago, before Columbus discovered America, a San Bias Indian sought the witch-doctor of the village.

When he found the witch-doctor he asked him if there was a way in which he could kill his rival without the rest of the Indians knowing about it. The witch-doctor told the Indian to return in a week and he would tell him a way in which he could secretly kill his rival. When the week was up and the Indian returned, the witch-doctor said, "All week I have been trying to find a method that fll achieve your purpose. The time is not favorable. Return next week and I will see if the spirits will tell me the method. When the week was up the Indian again sought the witch-doctor who told him a method which would enable him to exterminate his rival.

Leaving the witch-doctor the Indian gathered The days slipped by slowly for the Indian, who together a number of small bamboo sticks and began to wish that he had made the date of his took them home. After examining the bambnn rival's death conner. The perfect condition. Three weeks he spent in finding the required H W-. Ludin sA t r'the man would die! That number of perfect banmbj. Very carefully he made a raft out of the bamboo sticks and placed the egg in the middle.

When the bamboo sticks and the egg were wired securely together he patiently waited for night to fall. There was no moon. The Indian with great care transported his raft of bamboo sticks to his canoe. Under cover of the night he rowed a mile from shore. Then he set the little raft afloat with a great feeling that soon his rival would die.

The Indian's rival was walking along the beach when a coconut tree blew over on him and instantly killed him. All of the San Bias Indians believe this is true. Recently they have changed the idea a little and say that the person whose name is written on the egg will die when the raft washes ashore and the egg breaks. One of these queer rafts was found in the water near the coaling station about a year ago. The egg was rescued and buried without breaking it. So there is one San Blas Indian more than there should be. Ethel Barnett, ' Although the Canal Zone is a considerable dis- tance from the "sweet land of liberty," Inde- pendence Day is always celebrated in true Fourth of July style.

There is plenty of patriotism in evidence, and even a surplus of the "Spirit of ' But the main action takes place at Pier 6, a dock which is always used for occasions which require enter- taining on a massive scale. From early morning, when athletic and aquatic events start the day off, in grand style, until late at night, when the last dance is over, patriots swarm the pier. Although the shooting of fireworks is prohibited on or near the dock, the younger gen- eration is always in its element. The distribution of various sweets,free, at certain intervals, makes a hit-with everyone.

The refreshment stand is never deserted, as people never tire of eating. Among the attractions offered to the crowd are: athletic contests of all kinds for children as well as for adults, boat races, revues put on by dancing classes, band concerts, boxing bouts, refreshments, and of course, shooting of fireworks-the real thing-by experts, and dancing.

Little electric cars which ride the children round and round the dock unceasingly, are very popular. Free busses convey the people to and from the dock that is, to a certain point, away from the dock but the multitude usually bring their own cars. Vast numbers of cars are parked in and around the vicinity of Pier 6, and many an erstwhile patriot's vocabulary increases as he vainly ries to extricate his automobile from the masses that surround it. Everyone is sorry when the day ends,'because they have to wait a whole year for the next Fourth.

But they live in the hope that it will' be more glorious than the last, a hope which seems to grow more impossible as the years pass. One evening I walked down Bolivar Street on my way home. When I was in the middle of the block I heard a Victrola, with a very raspy sound to it, playing "My Blue Heaven," Finally the music became so loud that I turned around and looked into the room, my curiosity getting the better of me.

The room, as it was called, should have right- fully been named a box, for it wasn't much larger. It was divided in two parts, the front part serving as the living room and the latter part as the bed- room. The only front porch they had was the side- walk and their kitchen was an alley at the side of the house. A screen, dividing the two rooms, was covered with moving picture posters, making it a very colorful and picturesque affair. The bed, which could be seen very dimly, was covered with clean linen and a crocheted coverlet; the brass bed posts had a red ribbon around eachone.

In the "front room," there was a table upon which the Victrola was set, and by the Victrola a cellu- loid doll was keeping watch over a glass dog and cat and some moving picture programs. Under the table, on a shelf, a vase stood holding three or four crepe paper flowers. The mother of the "box" sat on a chair in the "front room" holding the baby, and father sat across from her sans shirt and shoes.

A lamp, hitched on the wall, furnished a very dim light for the scene. Fabian Englander, '3. On my way home one evening, I noticed the Bajan maid who took care of the kiddies next door walking rapidly up and down under the house, with a baby in her arms and crooning such a peculiar sounding tune that my curiosity was aroused. Making a pretense of examining some new plants that were just taking root, I managed t draw close enough without attracting her at- tention, to hear what she was singing.

I'p and down, back and forth, her feet keeping time to some doggerel air, went that big, over- grown Chunk of Charcoal, singing over and over again, these words: "And the Lord said unto '. Margaret Misrahi, '3. Truly a cosmopolitan country is Panama. Americans by thousands, and countless others of every imaginable mixture of all. Panama is a melting pot of nations. It has a true democracy and is a free country. Whether of high or low degree, the Panamanian is polite, courteous, artistic in temperament, passionately fond of music and poetry, romantic, gallant, and intensely patriotic.

To our minds he may be cruel, because he loves the cockfights and bullfights; he may be a gambler becau ;e of the lottery, but he is seldom or never turbulent or rowdyish. It is a rare thing indeed to see him intoxicated. He has the manners of a grandee and he is fonder of a baseball match, a horse race or a boxing match than of a bull-fight. Marie Kleefkens, 'r. The West Indian people have a most peculiar ceremony for their dead. They mourn for one of their people for a period of nine days. Upon hearing of a death, the neighbors and friends flock to the house of the deceased and offer their consolation and help.

Chairs and tables are placed about the house. People gather by early evening on the day of the death. Quiet games of chess, cards, and checkers are played until late into the night. A good deal of singing is done in low, hushed tones. A few minutes before midnight, the assembly quiets down. Usually the one who has led the singing offers up a prayer. Numerous other prayers are heard about the room and everyone is heard conversing in low, hushed voices.

After mid- night they leave, one by one. Only a few stay to console, and help the bereaved family bear their burden. For a period of nine days the home of the dead is constantly visited by friends who offer their sympathy and try to lighten the sorrow of the relatives of the dead person. During the final ceremony on the ninth night, the home of the dead is a scene of great gaiety.

Tables and chairs are placed around the rooms of the house. A large crowd gathers; coffee is made, sandwiches prepared, and passed around. Liquor is also served. Numerous domino and card games are formed. The singing of this night is quite different from that of the first. It is loud and boisterous and sung in a tune quite lacking in reverence. In fact, during this whole final serv- ice, at least till midnight, there is nothing very reverent about the action of the assembly of people. At midnight the singing is hushed for a few minutes. A few people offer prayers and the assembly joins in.

Then again, the singing and card playing is started. This continues till dawn. At early morning they leave for home, some in small groups, others alone. Each acts in a very solemn manner. Before leaving the house, each of the guests goes to the family of the deceased, wishing each member a carefree and happy future life. After this ninth day service, the departed is quite forgotten and is mentioned neither in the home nor among friends.

In the desolate wilderness of Panaman jungle lands near the Costa Rican border, dwell the tribe of Chiriqui Indians. They are very peace- ful, as a rule, and often work on the large planta- tions in Panama. Many of these Indians file their teeth to sharp points, which they claim helps to preserve them for a long period of time.

Looking at these Indians, with their filed teeth and green-painted faces, one might take them to be cannibals, but they are quite harmless. The squaws wear a -up,, Hil.. The crocodile also gives something besides its teeth in the form of "grasa de lagarto" crocodile fat which is used as a cure for rheu- macism, sore throat, cuts, in fact for almost any human ailment. The Chiriqui Indians are natural-born hunters, and the section of Panama in which they live is infested with game.

Sometimes, when hunting, they wear feathers about their ankles as a pro- tection against a poisonous snake. They claim the snake will strike at the feathers rather than the bare skin and in this way give them time to dodge further assaults. These Indians live in miserable grass huts with- out a floor, except for the ground.

Her daily duties consist of cooking meals for the family, fetching water from a near-by water source, washing in a chosen stream, and weaving cloth in primitive Indian fashion. The Chiriqui Indians are, indeed, an interesting type of people to visit. We also have a kind which is very, very small-no bigger than a dove's egg. These grow in bunches something like grapes only they are of reddish-yellow color instead of green or purple.

En mi pueblo there are many kinds of mangoes; some we call apple-mangoes because they are red and the pulp is very much like the apples; others we call peach-mangoes and others take the name of the fruit which they resemble most.