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It takes place in the mid s--and while this isn't my "time-period" preference, I actually really enjoyed the book. It was a quick, short read. I would definitely recommend. This book was like a little piece of paradise. Beautifully crafted characters, sweet sexy moments and my favourite thing, a happily ever after ending.

View all 4 comments. Shelves: bonnie-dee , favorites , i-wanna-have-your-babies , erotica , sweetnsexy-beta , brilliant-cover. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book I'd like to thank my GR friend Dinjolina for the recommendation.

My only regret- I wish I had known Tom a little better. He was such a quiet man all through the story. But, either way, Tom melted my heart like a puddle of He was so so sweet and intense at the same time. She never really got to have him in her life because after a few months of marriage, John was taken away to join the war. She is annoyed, yes, I would be too.

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She likes to work on the farm, look after her livestocks, read books or listen to the radio. Grace introduces her to a man who works in a repairing shop in Fairfield, Andrew, who is a nice guy. Sarah tries to keep up a conversation and look around the carnival. She hates carnivals, not knowing this one carnival would change her life. Soon, they were walking towards the tent where the freaks are kept- dwarfs, three-legged calf, a bearded lady etc. Sarah kept on looking, feeling rather uncomfortable and she finds herself in front of this area where it seems no one was there.

Suddenly, something moved in the back area, dark. A man came forward into the light, every inch of whose body is tattooed. Even his head is shaved and tattooed, so is his face. Sarah is mesmerized from the get go, totally absorbed in his skin and the art that surrounds it, which looks like a quilt very beautifully sewn together.

This even distracts the eye from his near nudity. When Sarah was moving on, as her friends already did, the man who was it seems was absorbed into his own world, suddenly looks at her; straight and clear with his vivid blue eyes. Sarah felt an immediate shock going all over her body.

She is shaken but soon leaves. Back in the farm, Sarah is restless. The nights are always lonely for her but this night, she keeps dreaming of the tattooed man, hot, erotic ones. At dawn, she goes about her usual chores, to the barn to feed the animals. In the hayloft, she gets jarred by a figure inside the hay. He has escaped it seems. Can he talk? Yah, he can but only in monosyllables. So she takes him in. Sarah is happy to have a helping hand after such a long time, a soul to talk to but most especially, to have a man around.

Though the book happened around little more than two weeks, I never, once felt that they jumped into bed so soon.

Their routine was great, in harmony all the times. Tom from the 1st moment, was so devoted to Sarah that I sighed. And Sarah was always taking care of him. Many a time, it felt like she was communicating with a child.

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His views and words were very simple and straight forward. Not at all when he lost his mother, a fortune-teller, at 8. He begins interacting with her. I loved that his enthusiasm for learning was so great; something would just warm your heart. Sarah took it onto herself to give this man some happiness as she understood, from the very few information Tom gave her about his past, that he needed it.

There was one particular scene, with a paper cutting, which Tom kept for a long time- a family vacationing.

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Sarah asked him about it, in answer he tells her a story he made for the family. But, it revealed so much of the man beneath, at least his hopes and dreams about having a family that brought tears in my eyes. Ah, so sad. Sarah was very admirable in her treatment of Tom. She was very caring, wanted to know more about him. One day, while she was changing the oil in her car, Tom comes rushing and grabs her out from under it. As their relationship grew, other troubles brew. Sarah was thinking how the people around would see him, because most certainly one way or the other the community will learn of his existence.

I understood her feelings, living alone for years; he was a breath of fresh air to her. And such a sweet man, with sweet, shy smiles and looks that tells her he wants her too. For the first few days, Sarah holds off this mutual desire. Some unwarranted advises came forth for her from the busybodies of the community- like, get married soon. Andrew is still hoping for a date. Soon, Grace, her husband Mark and Andrew came to take her away for a night out.

As he sees her for the first time, in a party dress, his eyes widened. Sarah was glad to see that. They dance and kiss. It was so nice because he was jealous! After the passionate kisses, they make love. Afterwards, he tells Sarah this is what he saw about her in his vision, which is why he came to her. Thus begin the new phase of their lives. Oh yes, the very next day, in the morning light Sarah gets to see Tom in his naked glory and the beautiful artworks all over his body; even on his manly parts.

When an older Tom tried to escape, he even locked him up. And Lord, the guy was sexy with his single-minded devotion and need for her, too.

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A girl from the community goes missing in the meantime. Sarah decides to take Tom to help out the search because Tom said he can feel what the girl is feeling. It was a daunting decision for them both but Sarah was hoping, by doing this the community might feel positively towards him. There were trouble at first, with people gawking and so on but the Sheriff was on their side, so was the parents of the girl, especially the mother.

Tom helped them find the girl out. I loved this whole search; seeing how a community comes together to work for each-other. Oh, I so thought Tom deserves such heavenly treatment, his expressions would drive you to your knees, literally! But after this incident, there were more unwarranted advises of not keeping a single man with her and so on.

The pastor even comes by with his own two-cents. Though he was nice with Tom, his wife was looking at him as if she was faced with something dangerous. Here, Tom saw something about the wife, which he never told Sarah even when she asked her. Then, Grace comes to see them where Sarah confesses they Tom and she had become lovers. Grace was shocked but not disgusted, which was nice to know. She was so curious about it, asks Sarah if he was tattooed all over or not and how did it feel. Was it… different? Nothing like him at all. What was different?

Did he…?


Bone Deep Reader Reviews

Her friend gasped and giggled. Touching him? One day, they make a mistake of bathing nude in the nearby pond where local children sometimes swim. That night, someone threw a rock, broke their window with a nasty message on the barn wall. Grace came by to see her, listening to the gossips. She met Tom for the first time and charmed immediately. At first, Sarah thought she could weather this but as she courageously goes to the Town, taking Tom with her, she was proven wrong most viciously. The grocery store busybody and the women there gave her cut directs and cold stares.

Andrew was nice to her where they went to repair the window. It was the librarian who surprised her, who Sarah thought was the sternest person alive, acted as if Tom was just another guy. I loved it, seeing Sarah so surprised after such treatment from the others and I adored that she never gave up, keeping Tom near always. But, hell broke lose when they were trying get to their cars. Some local ruffians and good-for-nothings broke into a fight with Tom, who was trying to save Sarah when they attacked her at first. Yet, the next day when she woke up, Sarah finds Tom gone, leaving only a short note.

She goes to the sheriff at first but comes out without much help. But, nothing was helping and her world begins falling apart. She realized she loves him, no matter what. She even tries to reach him through her mind, hoping to get to him. But, the help came again from another unexpected place; this time from Mrs.

Sheriff herself. When Sarah went to see the Sheriff, his wife was present. Soon she finds Tom in the circus, the scene of their meeting I adored, the way they forget there were people around them. But, the manager, I felt would brew trouble. Sarah is ecstatic to have Tom around again. The girl, Aileen told him how she heard his voice in her head about help is on the way. The family invites them to their BBQ party. Could she marry someone so very different in everything and live harmoniously in the society and with herself?

Bone Deep Tattoos | Tattoo Studio | Camarillo

She thought that they could live together for twenty years and he might never consider asking her about marriage. If marriage was what she wanted, then she would have to be the one to propose to him. After a while, Sarah realized she might be pregnant. She tells Tom nothing. They rush out but Sarah was accosted with a knife by the manager, who was drunk as a skunk and threatened Tom with her life. I wanted to kill the man myself, his treatment of the poor babe was so demeaning.

But the fire soon spreads. While Tom was tackling the disgusting skunk, Sarah tries to save her animals. Her neighbor rushes in, so is the fire alarm. Some of the people help them, taking care of the fire and their wounds. Tom was again feeling guilty for all these; part of it was because of that man, who kept on taunting him that all of this is his fault.

But Sarah, again, said something to him I loved: Sarah grabbed his shoulders and forced him to look into her eyes. Forget everything that man ever said. You did nothing wrong. Not ever. He made this happen.

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Finally, the realization hit Sara; why is she holding out? She loves him, this is all that matters. In the BBQ party, Tom was introduced to a lot of people by the hostess. I loved the ending and how they said ILU to each-other, with a marriage forthcoming. Oh I wished there were more in the story. So, was there any special meaning? But, even with such thoughts buzzing my mind, I give it a 5 star; simply because I loved the story, loved the characters but mostly, I loved Tom with all my heart. Ok, this is not a man but this pic caught my eyes, which I thought really beautiful.

By lusciousUG Lonely widow Sarah lives on a small farm. She and Tom share a moment when their eyes connect. After the carnival leaves town she discovers Tom in her barn. She feeds him and he stays - helping her with the farm. The story and conflicts were predictable. Tom was abused and forced to get tattooed by the carnival owner who wants him back. The locals are prejudiced against Tom. Religious locals think Sarah is living in sin because Tom is staying at her farm. The story is nicely told and kept my interest, but it was ordinary.

I would have liked more surprise, intrigue, or uplifting feelings. That could have added some nice depth. As it is Tom is an object. We are never in his head. Aside from the story I had a mental block. I kept thinking Tom is going to die early unless he gets a liver transplant. The reason? A few years back I read about Japanese crime lords who had tattoos covering most of the body.

The tattoos prevented the skin from releasing toxins which stressed the liver. These guys paid millions in donations to U. It kept taking me out of the story. But the author wanted a setting of , which was a time when people were more prejudiced, e. Heroine stupidity? A little. But not bad. Having unprotected sex before she was ready to have children. Having sex outdoors where she could be seen by locals. Kindle count length: 6, KB pages. Swearing language: none, although the word God was used.

Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: about Setting: Fairfield, probably U. Copyright: Genre: contemporary romance with a little paranormal. Oct 30, Katie rated it it was amazing Shelves: e-book , historical , beta-hero. Sarah is a lonely widow who was dragged to the traveling carnival reluctantly by some friends. Once there she is enthralled by the tattooed man in the freak tent. While the others gawk and point at the man Sarah admires the beauty of him. The next morning while Sarah is still thinking of the tattooed man she actually discovers him in her barn.

He has escaped the carnival and the evil man who has kept him imprisoned his entire life. Sarah agrees to let Tom stay with her and within Sarah's home an Sarah is a lonely widow who was dragged to the traveling carnival reluctantly by some friends. Sarah agrees to let Tom stay with her and within Sarah's home and in her life Tom finally finds a place where he belongs. I really enjoyed Bone Deep. Tom, the hero wasn't a macho alpha male that bossed his woman around and everyone else around him. He was a true tortured hero who's only wish in life was to be normal and have a family to love and who loved him.

He was a man of few words but his actions spoke volumes for him. Sarah was the perfect heroine for Tom. A lonely independent woman who took care of herself and her small farm but longed for something that she didn't quite know what it was until she discovered it in her barn. Bone Deep was a character driven story in which the hero and heroine though obviously not perfect, were perfect for each other. I loved Tom. He was a man of few words, but it was more than obvious he loved Sarah. It was also obvious why he was, in essence extremely shy. He was different, it was a difference which was forced upon him but it was there none the less.

He endured years of physical mostly sexual , and emotional abuse which rightly so, created an extremely introverted man. I would recommend Bone Deep to any romance reader who loves the tortured hero theme. This fits the bill perfectly. I would also suggest taking a good look at the cover art for the book.

I did both before and after I read it and I feel it was beautifully done. It provided a great visual aid when Sarah examined Tom's tattooed back. Jul 19, Elaine rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. It was a little difficult because I didn't know if I could give it 4 or 5 stars. Sarah is a widow and Tom is from a freak show. I loved this because of the H, the h too, she was really lovable, but the H was more fucking lovable. Okay I'm gonna stop with the capital letters. But it would've I loved this book.

But it would've made a mayor difference because the reader would've felt a deeper connection between the h and the H. There are some triggers like prejudice the whole H's body was tattooed, it was detailed, so people misjudged him through almost the whole book , sexual abuse H mentioned he was like a sexual toy. There was a scene that the owner of the freak show touched the h in front of the H, it was kind of fast but it was detailed. There was some push from both but it wasn't that bad, until H left because he thought he was ruining h's life, but she chased him loved her.

Bone Deep has been on my Kindle for over 5 years forgotten until recently when a GR friend read it and loved it. I'm so thrilled that I gave it a chance because it was really a beautiful story. Sarah is a young widow still mourning her husband who died in the war. Although her friend insist on her moving on she still can't make that jump. That is until the circus comes to town and she walks into the side show and sees a young man covered from head to toe in tattoos. I loved Sarah, she was a love Bone Deep has been on my Kindle for over 5 years forgotten until recently when a GR friend read it and loved it.

I loved Sarah, she was a lovely woman with so much love to give and I loved watching her give into her desires for Tom. She saw the beauty on the inside and loved him no matter what others thought of her. Tom was also a wonderful character. He has lived as a prisoner in the circus by the man who tattooed him. When you do, All About Jazz will receive a sales commission. View as a separate page. Showcase Buy Now. Buy Now. Featured Albums. Harmony Bill Frisell. Diatom Ribbons Kris Davis.

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