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WWI efforts, 57 1 Win DeForest, A. Rochester convention, 8 4 Oct Polish independence ands, 57 2 Spr Rochester Rehabilitation Center and, 55 2 Spr transit authority and, 55 2 Spr Kimball Tobacco Company and, 60 1 Win Confederate POW guards and, 74 1 n.

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  • Life, Architecture, Mathematics, and the Fourth Dimension.
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McKelvey, Blake and, 51 1 Win Hansbury, Captain Robert and, 56 2 Spr Barnes, Joseph W. War of and, 4 4 Oct Eastman Theatre, position withs, 49 1 Jan Douglass residence in, 67 4 photo Fall See also Douglass, Frederick. Goldman, Emma. See Goldman, Emma. Confederate POWs and, 73 2 Fall operations, conditions, and deaths at, 73 2 n. See St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum social agencys, 26 4 Oct Short Skyride authored by, 10 4 :6 Oct See Horse-drawn transport swan, on Lake Ontario, 61 2 Spr whales, 58 2 :2, 4, 8, 13 Spr See Rochester, City of.

Centennial Annals of St. Luke's Church authored by, 10 4 Oct Reynolds Library, roles at, 36 4 Oct See Mosher, Mrs. Douglass family and, 67 4 Fall farm, 67 4 Fall with spouse, 57 4 :8 photo Fall Anthony, 57 4 Fall in family photograph, 57 4 :9 Fall Anthony play, 44 3 Jul correspondence of Susan B. See Burtis, Mrs. Sarah relationship to S. Anthony, 7 2 :3 Apr Woman's State Temperance Society, role in, 57 3 :3, Sum See Morgan, Lewis Henry. Morgan, William painting, 3 2 Apr ownership and subsequent mergers, 22 2 :9 Apr political ties, 11 2 :5 Apr rivalry with Rochester Daily Advertiser , 2 2 Apr on Sam Patch, quoted, 53 3 Sum Weed, Thurlow and, 21 3 Jul Douglass, Frederick and, 72 2 Fall Anthony Burns case, 37 4 Oct Liberal Advocate on, 36 3 Jul Observer on, 36 3 Jul Main Street, shopping ats, 65 3 Sum Geronimo's uprising, Francis Edwin Pierce ands, 65 2 , 27 n 61 Spr Civil War roles and loyalties, 74 1 , passim, 23 n.

Provisional Constitution, 72 2 ,15 Fall See Atkinson, Mrs.

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Bemis, James D. Highland Park, 11 1 :6, 9, 11 Jan ; 50 2 :6 Apr origins, 18 4 Oct Arcade Hall. See Arcade Hall Reynolds. See Reynolds Arcade Smith's. See Smith's Arcade.

Life, Architecture, Mathematics, and the Fourth Dimension | SpringerLink

Irish famine ands, 68 3 :4 Sum Rochesterville map by, 2 1 :5 Jan Parker, Arthur C. See Bragdon, Claude F. Hensel, 26 2 Apr Foote, Orlando K. See Kaelber, William G. Foster, 44 4 Oct landscape.

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See McKee, Harley J. McKim, Mead and White. See Richardson, H. Roberts, Nathan S. See Sullivan, Louis H. Thomas, J. Warner, Andrew J. See Warner, J. Foster William H. East Avenue, 22 1 Jan ; 26 2 :9 Apr Genesee Country, 11 2 :2 Apr Gibbs Streets, 58 4 :7 photo Fall local landmarks, 22 1 :2, 9 Jan overview, 26 2 :2, with photos Apr pioneer mansions, 29 3 Jun Prince Street academy, 65 4 , , , Fall photographs, 65 4 passim Fall See Greely, Adolphus Washington.

George Eastman House commission, 52 1 photo caption Win Charlotte annexation and, 37 1 Jan as senator, subway stance, 36 2 :1, 3 Apr Folsom, 61 1 Win City Directory listing fors, 63 4 Fall YMCA, 60 3 Sum Augustine's Churchs, 60 2 Spr Midtown Plaza and, 69 1 :2 Spr Augustine's Churchs, 60 2 Spr at St. Mary's Churchs, 44 4 Oct GeVa Theatre ass, 44 4 , 13 Oct baseball practice in, 64 4 :4 Fall See Rochester Art Club. See Kimball, William S. Memorial Art Gallery benefactors. See Memorial Art Gallery newspaper coverage, 32 1 :7, , 15, 17 Jan places of, 32 1 , , 17, 22 Jan at world's fairs, 26 3 :4, 6, 7, 16 Jul Academy of Music and Art.

Reynolds Arcade, 62 1 :9 Win St. Augustine's Church and, 60 2 Spr See Archeology researching family history from, 52 2 :5 Spr Confederate POWs ands, 74 1 Spr Tichenor brothers and, 59 4 illus , 22 n Fall Kaiser, Dr. Albert and, 20 4 Oct Rochester Repeal Association, 68 3 :7 Sum Italian Business Men's Association, 22 4 , 19 Oct Swift Lewis publication in, 9 1 Jan See Swift, Lewis, Jr.

Algernon S. See Correctional institutions for orphans. See Orphanages St. Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute. See Rochester Athenaeum. See Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth S. See Reynolds Audio-Visual Department. Hochstein, David and, 58 4 :9 Fall quoted on, 56 3 Sum Douglass, Frederick and, 67 3 :6 Sum family members, 67 3 :6 Sum Harris, John and, 41 3 :6 Jul Zoller, Charles and, 50 1 Jan See Selden, George B.

See Automobile accidents appearance, locallys, 17 1 Jan automobile club. Davis, J. See Engine s. Clinton Avenue stretch known as, 70 2 Fall mural on, 70 2 : cover Fall Watson, 7 3 Jul ; 42 3 :5 Jul Canawagus, 4 3 :4 Jul Hartford, 1 4 :3 Oct American Heritage Foundations, 24 2 Apr ; 32 2 Apr as banner city, State Sunday School movement, 11 2 :6 Apr as safest city, 27 1 Jan Christmas , 40 3 Jul Bernard's Seminary and, 52 4 Fall A.

Hanna, Jr. See Rochester Academy of Medicine Academy of Medicine Paris, France cycling and, 69 2 Spr Academy of Music Corinthian Hall ass, 16 3 :5 Jul ; 26 4 Oct destructions, 16 3 Jul ; 26 4 Oct performances, 3 3 Jul ; 16 3 :5, 8, 9, 13, 19 Jul proprietors, 26 4 Oct remodeling, 16 3 :7 Jul ; 26 4 Oct Rochester Philharmonic Society ats, 42 3 :4 Jul as theater, 3 3 Jul reconstruction-early s, 16 3 Jul ; 26 4 Oct Academy of Music and Art foundings, 17 2 :5 Apr ; 23 3 Jul location, 17 2 :5 Apr ; 18 1 Jan ; 18 4 :5, 6 Oct ; 23 3 Jul ; 34 2 :7 Apr openings, 18 4 :5 Oct Academy of Natural Science Philadelphia lecturer, 8 4 Oct Academy of Science.

Paul Street facilities , 65 4 , 23 n. Myron Wednesday Morning Club, role in, 10 1 :7 Jan Adams, Reverend Myron, 10 4 :3 Oct activities, 40 4 :9 Oct as author, The Continuous Creation , 8 4 Oct background, 40 4 :8 Oct conflicts, 40 4 Oct funding plan, 40 4 Oct funeral service, 40 4 Oct health, 40 4 Oct heresy trials, 8 4 Oct New Theology and, 40 4 :8, Oct pastorate, 3 3 Jul ; 14 4 :3 Oct ; 40 4 :8 Oct philosophy, 40 4 , 12 Oct preaching themes, 40 4 Oct relationship to Samuel Hopkins Adams, 21 3 :3 Jul Rochester Academy of Science, role in, 8 4 Oct Spencer Club, role in, 8 4 Oct writings, 40 4 Oct Adams, Reverend Myron, Jr.

See L. Hatch and Co.

Brother Panic: Understanding Astral World Dynamics

See Tool manufacture Aex, Paul B. See Elderly Age discrimination wartime employment and, 51 4 Fall Agencies. See Farm implements farms. See Farms Irish famine relief ands, 68 3 , 12 Sum journals. See Agriculture prices in Sanford, FL. Zwick in, 64 1 Win Air cure, 32 4 , 22 Oct Airfield. Johnson and Co. Charles C.

See Prohibition recreational drinking, 40 3 :7, 12, 17, 20, 21 Jul at Sea Breeze, 56 1 , 21 Win Temperance movement and. See Liquor licenses regulations, 25 4 :8 Oct types, 55 1 :5 Win Alcoholism. Crapsey heresy trial and-early s, 42 1 , 19 Jan Alexander, J. Vincent at funeral of S. Keenan, 10 1 Jan Alinsky, Saul activism in black communitys, 27 4 Oct ; 29 2 Apr Allan, Ebenezer "Indian" biographer, 1 4 :3, n.

May on overseas hospital unit, quoted-WWI, 51 3 , 24, 30 n. David C. Joseph T. Ralph disabled children's group ands, 55 2 Spr Amecco Chemicals, Inc. See also Know Nothing Party city government, control of, 11 2 Apr immigrants, opposition to-mid s, 23 3 Jul local influence, 20 1 :5 Jan origin, 20 3 Jul policy, 20 3 , 12 Jul voting preferences, 20 3 Jul Whigs formerly known as, 14 2 :5 Apr American Pomological Society catalogue preparation, 21 3 :5 Jul American Principles doctrine, 20 3 Jul American Process of making daguerreotypes, 62 1 Win American Protective Association immigration, stance on, 25 3 Jul American Public Health Association educational program, 18 3 Jul American Radicalism, 3 3 Jul American Red Cross international.

Zion Church. David A. Donald administrative position, 55 2 :3 Spr children's health center and, 55 2 :3 Spr Anderson, Reverend Frederick L. Douglas club membership, 9 4 Oct Andersonville Prison Confederate POWs and, 73 2 Fall operations, conditions, and deaths at, 73 2 n. Sherlock deaths, 26 4 Oct Dossenbach, Hermann ands, 42 3 Jul Haushalter, George and, 17 2 Apr residence, 26 4 Oct theater complaint, 29 1 Jan Andrews, J.

The Astral Quest Podcast

See also specific animal, e. See Horse-drawn transport swan, on Lake Ontario, 61 2 Spr whales, 58 2 :2, 4, 8, 13 Spr polar, Arctic expedition ands, 59 1 :6, 7, 22 Win rabies epidemics and ordinancess, 35 4 Oct raising. Barnes, 37 1 Jan Annexations municipal. Luke's Church authored by, 10 4 Oct Anstice, Josiah farm of, location and golf course on, 65 1 :4 Win Reynolds Library, roles at secretary, 36 4 , 39 Oct treasurer, 36 4 Oct trustee, 36 4 Oct Anstice, Mortimer R.

Reynolds Library, roles at, 36 4 Oct Antczak's fuel company, 57 2 :4 Spr Anthony, Aaron as slave owner death and disposal of property, 67 3 :6 Sum Douglass, Frederick and, 67 3 :4, 5, 6 Sum Anthony, Daniel father of S. Anthony at funeral of S. A etheric radio tuned in to the conscious frequency we all broadcast To clear the ancient concept of Heaven is much closer to what physics calls the fifth dimension.

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It is something that exists all around us. It is easier to understand as a different vibration of light. The spectrum of light is very long, and as humans we can only see a small band of light in the middle of the total range of frequencies. If you were able to do something that would allow you to see the full spectrum of light, then you would see the invisible dimension. The Year of the Sovereign has began The formula to gain an unbreakable link to the higher self, an inhabitant of totality. Pi governs the circle 3. Energy It is a great endeavor to bring advanced intelligence with so much opposition in the current construct, we ask that if this message has assisted you that you think of making a contribution to expanding it further by using the link below.

If we were perfectly willing to let go and acknowledge our faults when the pictures of them appear in the life panorama instead of trying to make excuses for ourselves or being stirred anew by the anger and hate of the past, then it would involve much less pain to eradicate them from our desire body. If this fact can be impressed on one whom we are anxious to help, if we can get him into the state of mind where he is willing to acknowledge his wrongs and mistakes from the very bottom of his heart, then the process of deprogramming will be both shorter and less painful.

Sevan Bomar - Outside the Box - Timebreaker - When the future is really the past Delbert Blair - Isis Wisdom - Out of integrity I will fulfill what I said I would do, remain true, despite the sympathizers that lurk around me even now most of whom have not seen the Wild so they imagine this world as being the only one and thus they compromise. They are amongst the losers. Unfortunately the audio on this track is a bit uneven however rather than not posting such valuable wisdom we have adjusted the track as best as possible and made it available to you.

The topics being discussed here are major keys to innerstanding all of what is happening in the universe and innerverse however it is a work in a state of being perfected especially in regards to exact details so with that being said take what you find applicable and allow the rest to remain until further clarity is gained.

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Wholeness It is a great endeavor to bring advanced intelligence with so much opposition in the current construct, we ask that is this message has assisted you that you think of making a contribution to expanding it further by using the link below. The unconditional truth It is a great endeavor to bring advanced intelligence with so much opposition in the current construct, we ask that is this message has assisted you that you think of making a contribution to expanding it further by using the link below.

To see the images related to the show follow the link below. To innerstand the context of my notes here is my method. The moment a show is over until the next show I'm constantly taking short mental notations of synchronistic experiences that have been impressed upon me mentally, spiritually, and physically. I then within the last 2 - 3 days before the show begin to make the rough notes compiling the more perfected forms of energy.

They are compressed gems that one can mine to vast extents.

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  8. To see the images related to this broadcast you visit this link. He raises the bar for what is generally discussed by mental, spiritual, and physical advisers. Hosting the popular internet television program known as Astral Quest, Bomar is rapidly gaining explosive recognition. He takes on some of the toughest subjects related to true life with no limits Bomar speaks based on his vast experiences and finds no rivals in the field of deep revelation. He answers puzzling questions such as what happens after death, the preexistence of man and woman, the origins of languages, gods, and belief systems.

    Bomar has developed a unique style of dealing with issues and solving problems over a broad range. He has coined the title of this method as "Realm Dynamics", a study he claims involves a "Micro Macro" approach to total realization by the revelation that the body is not only a map to the immediate Universe, but also a ship that can navigate a more personal space called the Innerverse located located inside of every individual.

    Sevan lives in Costa Rica and is currently working on a documentary titled "Secret Energy" while developing a human activation institute. Season 3 is already in full swing, this time we activate all of the Chakras step-by-step. We bring Interactive Enlightenment this year by giving you the materials necessary to succeed. No part of Innerspace goes unexplored. Standing in the gap Time is collapsed by innovation. The complete discovery of the Human as a micro Universe is upon humanity. A new portal opens, listen in and un-torque your encrypted potential.

    Sevan Bomar on A Fireside Chat. Recorded on December 21th, Just in time for the closing of the year and the beginning of the new year. Make the most expanded resolutions! Sevan Bomar on Dallas Live. Recorded on December 12th, Recorded on December 4th, Sevan Bomar on Live Paranormal. Recorded on November 25th, Recorded on November 11th, Sevan Bomar on Hipolitix. Recorded on November 14th, Major keys will be released during this show that I feel will level the playing field for humanity against darkness which is ignorance. Recorded on November 7th, Sevan Bomar on Outside The Box.

    Recorded on November 5th, Recorded on October 27th, If you have lost your true identity then you are in a Immortal Illusion. Sevan Bomar - Earth Explained. Recorded on October 1st, Off the mind, I can think of the necessary discussion regarding what I call "Galactic Banking. We will dive deep into language to dig out the clues within terminology while simultaneously uncovering the occupants of the Spaces within Spaces. Is it time for you to collect rent or evict?

    This episode will be sure to give you an idea of what you are worth, allowing you to ask yourself this: "are you selling yourself short? Finally, we will get into investing in your Spirit, storing away inner treasures from pirates, and being smart about your next Astral Investment. In the Gnosis? Recorded on June 15th, Recorded on May 23rd, Recorded on December 14th, Recorded on August 2nd, Recorded on April 21st, Recorded on March 22nd, Sevan Bomar on Syncretism with Santos Bonacci.

    Sevan Bomar - S. Sevan Bomar on S. Michelle Gaza welcomes Sevan Bomaer back for a second interview. This time our conversation will be a more focused discussion about "Raising Your Vibration. Join us on Occult Science Radio hosted by Curtis Davis for a massive show with some of the greatest insights of our time on the history and evolution of the Being we call god and its activities and characters throughout the ages along with how that has effected overall consciousness.