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U top. X top. You can use these HTML tags. Name required. Email will not be published required. Notify me of new posts by email. Subscribe via Email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive new posts by email. Featured Posts. Fancy Words for the Sophisticated Reader Want to spice up your reviews with some fancy-sounding words? Here's a list to get you started. But what IS a dystopia, really? Top Ten Books Read in My ten favourite books read last year.

On Writing "Reviews", or whatever you want to call them What is it we book bloggers do here? Are we writing reviews or just sharing our thoughts? What IS a book review, anyway? Or something! They are watching for people with large audiences to plant lies about Kubrick to deflect attention away from the faked Moon landing!

For some reason!

African Interest

The line-mode browser, launched in , was the first readily accessible browser for what we now know as the world wide web. WorldWideWeb was a great piece of software, but it was important that the web should be accessible to many kinds of computers, not just NeXT machines. It was the first web browser with a cross-platform codebase so it could be installed on many different kinds of computers. It was a relatively simple piece of software with a very basic interface, but in the early days of the web, it was instrumental in demonstrating the power of this new medium.

The text says the line-mode browser launched in but it was actually and first stable release in early The Other F Word is a documentary about how punk rockers and other countercultural figures made the transition from anti-authoritarianism to parenthood. But it might come as a shock that the league enjoys nonprofit status. Haanstra cleverly makes the human animal more a part of the film than the rest of the animals. Haanstra also made the Oscar-winning Glas. I found it easier to follow the game by watching it:.

All New Yorkers are gentrifiers. Or maybe your family goes all the way back to New Amsterdam and Peter Minuit, the original gentrifier, who gentrified the poor Native Americans right off Manhattan island. Once again, Feynman takes something that seems pretty simple and makes it both simpler and vividly complex. Black Perl is a poem written in valid Perl 3 code:. A favorite shows how chain link fences are made:. You can view all the videos at the NFB site as well. All businesses need to be young forever. If you think about a small, conservative New England town, lord knows all the printers and designers in town are probably still using type from years ago.

Older kids generally succeed better in sports, but holding kids back in school seems to have the opposite effect when it comes to academic achievement. Not only did they score significantly lower on achievement tests — both in kindergarten and middle school — they were also more likely to have been kept back a year by the time they reached middle school, and were less likely to take college-entrance exams.

The less mature students, on the other hand, experienced positive effects from being in a relatively more mature environment: in striving to catch up with their peers, they ended up surpassing them. I was the second youngest kid in my class growing up; only our valedictorian was younger.


Meg was young too. As the article states, the differences are starker now than they were…some kids in their groups are more than a year older than they are and most are several months older. NYC preschools have trouble finding a wide range of ages for each class because so many people are holding their kids back to gain a supposed competitive edge against their peers…fall kindergarten classes are full of 6-year-olds but few just-turned-fives.

I love this theory from Jon Negroni that all of the Pixar movies take place in the same universe and are all connected. Centuries later, the animals from Brave that have been experimented on by the witch have interbred, creating a large-scale population of animals slowly gaining personification and intelligence on their own. There are two progressions: the progression of the animals and the progression of artificial intelligence. The events of the following movies set up a power struggle between humans, animals, and machines. The stage for all-out war in regards to animals is set by Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, and Up, in that order.

This group on Flickr shows just how fantastically designed Japanese manhole covers are. Here are some of my favorites:. This is powerful and amazing and upsetting : Project Unbreakable is a photography project that features images of sexual assault survivors holding signs showing what others attackers, family members, cops, etc. Petersburg police when I tried to press charges. Sickening, sickening. The police are supposed to protect the vulnerable, not persecute them. Pretty sure that drones falling from the skies in heavily populated metropolitan areas is going to lead to banning.

Ernest Hemingway liked a good burger and had a specific recipe he wanted his staff to use when preparing meals. Fingers deep, I kneaded. Fighting the urge to be careless and quick, I kept the pace rhythmic, slow. Each squeeze, I hoped, would gently ease the flavors — knobby bits of garlic, finely chopped capers, smatterings of dry spices — into the marbled mound before me. I had made burgers before, countless times on countless evenings. And it had to be just right. For a more minimalist burger, you have to turn to Dean Martin :.

One thing is for sure: none of these gentlemen would cotton to the idea of the ramen burger , homemade or no. How risky is it to even wade a few inches into the gun rights debate? Sort of. Under the change, baristas and other store employees will not ask customers who come in with guns in holsters, say, to leave or confront them in any way, Mr.

Schultz said. No signs explaining the policy will be posted in Starbucks stores, either. The patient had an infection with Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Cordell says. So when he ate or drank a bunch of starch — a bagel, pasta or even a soda — the yeast fermented the sugars into ethanol, and he would get drunk. Essentially, he was brewing beer in his own gut. Former NY Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni writes about the joys of being a regular at your neighborhood restaurant. What you have with a restaurant that you visit once or twice is a transaction. What you have with a restaurant that you visit over and over is a relationship.

My wife and I eat out at least once a week and we used to travel all over the city to try all sorts of different places, just-opened hot spots and old favorites alike. It was great. Bruni covers the experience pretty well, but I just wanted to share a couple of seemingly small aspects of being a regular:. Our local is popular and always crowded, especially during the dreaded pm hours and double especially Thu-Sat nights. A regular in the hand is worth two in the rush. Another nice thing about being a regular at a place that values regulars is that you meet the other regulars. This summer I was often left to my own devices for dinner and a couple times a week, I ended up at my local.

Routinely turning a solo dining experience into dinner with a friend is an amazing accomplishment for a restaurant. He said there are certain restaurants he frequents that he never writes about critically. Those places are just for him and he would never recommend them to his readers. Having written for so long here on kottke. Having a public opinion on absolutely everything you love is no way to live. What does it feel like to soar majestically like an bird?

Maybe something like this video, shot with a camera strapped to the back of an eagle flying near Chamonix in France:. See also first-person footage of a peregrine falcon diving and killing a duck in mid-air. After ripping all the frames, I used software to turn the ripped images into vectors. With the audio, I used a similar process, making a spectrogram image of the audio from each cut in the episode. We can never know those reasons for sure, but we can say that since , Kobe has been the name of choice for parents opting to name their children after basketball players.

Lebron has yet to crack the top Kobe Bryant may have skipped college, but Kobe will be playing college basketball for many, many, many years to come. This entry is amazing because it still looks like an actual photograph when you zoom out many others do not :. You can find many more entries on allRGB. Publication design is a field addicted to ceaseless reinvention.

In contrast, one senses that each of the changes in The New Yorker was arrived at almost grudgingly. Designers are used to lecturing timid clients that change requires bravery. But after a certain point — 80 years? The Sweethome tested a bunch of locks, consulted with bike thieves, and sifted through other reviews and chose the best bike lock for your bike. The consensus among those in the know was that a u-lock is best for virtually everyone, offering the highest ratio of security to portability.

Unconventional devices like folding locks are intriguing, but so far none offer the security of a good u-lock. Chains sometimes offer a slight bump in security, but they often weigh twice as much and still relent to power tools. Let masochists wear belts of hardened steel; all our experts said a good u-lock is the sensible solution. But before we talked specific lock models, they also insisted we slow down. Videos like this and this and this drive the point home. And they encouraged people to ride cheaper bikes.

After all, the resale value of a bike — and its expensive components — is what makes the thing worth stealing. Lex Friedman details how to use DNS services like AdFree Time to route around region-specific content locks, so you can do things like watch all NFL games in HD from anywhere, change Netflix regions for access to different content , etc. You thus get to watch every NFL game streaming online in high definition, since the league offers that option to folks in Europe at no charge. Americans, usually, miss out. NASA created this lovely high resolution view of the Moon doing one complete rotation using footage from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

At the beginning of the Holocene - after the end of the last Ice Age - global temperature increased, and subsequently it decreased again by 0. Within a hundred years, the cooling of the previous years was undone. What on Earth could have caused that spike over the past years?

The New Scramble for Africa by Padraig Risteard Carmody

A real head-scratcher, that. But also, what would have happened had the Industrial Revolution and the corresponding anthropogenic climate change been delayed a couple hundred years? The Earth might have been in the midst of a new ice age, Europe might have been too cold to support industry, and things may not have gotten going at all. Paul Ford says that the Citi Bike is the perfect post-apocalyptic vehicle.

Citi Bikes thus also seems particularly well-suited for a sort of Hunger Games-style future: 1 The economy crashes utterly 2 poor, hungry people compete in hyperviolent Citi Bike chariot races at Madison Square Garden, now renamed Velodrome A trundling Citi Bike would make sense in just about any post-apocalyptic or dystopian book or movie. In the post-humanity George R. Stewart classic Earth Abides, about a Berkeley student who survives a plague, the bikes would have been very practical as people rebuilt society across generations, especially after electricity stopped working.

And Walter M. Miller Jr. This one is from Bigger version here. The correction at Paddington Station was 6 seconds, 8 seconds in Notting Hill, and 13 seconds at the Royal Greenwich Observatory, itself the seat of a fledgling universal time standard. Every few months on the web, a new candidate emerges for the Bad-Ass Hall of Fame, a collection of amazing people who lived large, walked their own path, and left their mark on history with flair.

What a sight he must have been, leading charges branishing a sword and sucking on his pipes. Churchill even killed a German soldier in France with an arrow, recording the only known kill by bow in the war for the British. He was especially fond of raids and counterattacks, leading small groups of picked soldiers against the advancing Germans.

Book Reviews - By Genre | Giraffe Days

He presented a strange, almost medieval figure at the head of his men, carrying not only his war bow and arrows, but his sword as well. As befitted his love of things Scottish, Churchill carried the basket-hilted claymore technically a claybeg, the true claymore being an enormous two-handed sword.

His high example and his great work … were a great help to the 4th Infantry Brigade. Churchill himself was far in front of his troopers. Sword in hand, accompanied only by a corporal named Ruffell, he advanced into the town itself. Undiscovered by the enemy, he and Ruffell heard German soldiers digging in all around them in the gloom.

The glow of a cigarette in the darkness told them the location of a German sentry post. The first German sentry post, manned by two men, was taken in silence. Each post, lulled into a sense of security by the voice of their captive comrade, surrendered to this fearsome apparition with the ferocious mustache and the naked sword.

Altogether, Churchill and Corporal Ruffell collected 42 prisoners, complete with their personal weapons and a mortar they were manning in the village. Churchill and his claymore took the surrender of ten men in a bunch around the mortar. He and his NCO then marched the whole lot back into the British lines. I just took their rifle bolts out and put them in a sack, which one of the prisoners carried.

After the war, he took up boat refurbishing, river surfing, and freaking out train passengers:. In his last job he would sometimes stand up on a train journey from London to his home, open the window and hurl out his briefcase, then calmly resume his seat. Fellow passengers looked on aghast, unaware that he had flung the briefcase into his own back garden. Rest in peace, Mad Jack. Soon, new iPhone owners will be able to use a fingerprint to access a phone or buy something on iTunes. But soon, we will be interacting with a lot more devices that have no screens, and biometrics will be the logical way to secure our data.


Companies have already developed ways to identify you, from your fingerprints to your heartbeat. In order to give us the promise of more security, companies will want to know even more about us. Protect your data with a password. Protect the password with some secret, personal questions.

Protect all of that with your fingerprint or your heartbeat. The last decade was about sharing. The next decade will be about protecting. What a fantastic resource. Nearly fifty years have passed since Richard Feynman taught the introductory physics course at Caltech that gave rise to these three volumes, The Feynman Lectures on Physics. In those fifty years our understanding of the physical world has changed greatly, but The Feynman Lectures on Physics has endured. They have been studied worldwide by novices and mature physicists alike; they have been translated into at least a dozen languages with more than 1.

Perhaps no other set of physics books has had such wide impact, for so long. Aided by four experts, The Wirecutter goes long on pens and picks a few winners. A decent pen is something that just about anyone can buy and if you do a lot of handwriting, a marginally better writing experience compounded over hours of scribbling adds up to a significant improvement. From this article I also learned that there are Kickstarter projects for alternate pen bodies that take popular pen cartridges. The man, Martin Joyce, turned out to have a life that spanned many significant events in history and his story provided the students with a personal lens into history.

Inside were the assorted papers — letters, military records, photos — left behind by a man named Martin W. Joyce, a long-since deceased West Roxbury resident who began his military career as an infantryman in World War I and ended it as commanding officer of the liberated Dachau concentration camp.

Delaney could have contacted a university or a librarian and handed the trove of primary sources over to a researcher skilled in sorting through this kind of thing. Instead, he applied for a grant, and asked an archivist to come teach his students how to handle fragile historical materials. Then, for the next two years, he and his 11th grade American history students read through the documents, organized and uploaded them to the web, and wrote the biography of a man whom history nearly forgot, but who nonetheless witnessed a great deal of it.

As the class repeatedly asked and answered that question, they slowly uncovered the life of a man who not only oversaw the liberated Dachau but also found himself a participant in an uncommon number of consequential events throughout Massachusetts and U. Fantastic, what a great story. My favorite tidbit is that after all the wars and stuff, he and his wife were on the Andrea Doria when it was struck by the Stockholm and sunk. When I was just out of college, my dad and I went to Beijing. One of my anxieties about the trip concerned my left-handedness, specifically going against the custom of not using your left hand aka your bathroom hand to eat.

It turned out fine; the semi-expected reprimand never came. Times have changed. Now, in Shanghai, you can go to a restaurant called Modern Toilet , which is actually one in a chain of Taiwanese stores that are toilet themed. It all started when one of us was reading the manga, Dr. Slump on the toilet — and the rest is history. In the beginning, we mainly sold ice cream — a big pile of chocolate ice cream sold in containers shaped like a squat toilet.

This humorous spin became a great success. Susannah Breslin visited the Shanghai Modern Toilet and offers this report. Upstairs, I took a seat at a table. My seat was a toilet. The table had a glass top. Under it, there was a bowl. In the bowl, there was a plastic swirly turd. The place mats were decorated with smiling turds. Richard Swarbrick makes these great impressionist animations of sports events, mostly soccer but also cricket and basketball.

Well, sort of. Rowling is writing a screenplay for Warner Bros. Others include 20th and 25th anniversary versions, a 3D version that premiered with UP, and versions from Cars 2 and Finding Nemo that incorporate story elements into the logo. This particular logo debuted with Toy Story in For the short films Pixar produced before that, they used variations on the not-very-exciting theme of circular indent in beveled square, a shape borrowed from the look of their Image Computer :.

Many of the logo animation variations, including the pre-Luxo Jr. If nostalgia truly is death, someone better make some arrangements for me. Watch as people review video games after eating hot peppers. BMX rider Tyrone Williams checks out a Citi Bike and puts it though its paces, first with a wheelie or two and eventually on a dirt track. Using data from the US Census, the Department of the Interior made this map showing the percentages, by county, of the slave population of the southern states.

Schulten writes that President Lincoln referred to this particular map often, using it to understand how the progress of emancipation might affect Union troops on the ground. The map even appears in the familiar Francis Bicknell Carpenter portrait First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation of President Lincoln, visible leaning against a wall in the lower right-hand corner of the room. Paul Bogard recently published a book on darkness called The End of Night.

Forbidden Desires 5

Nicola Twilley and Geoff Manaugh interviewed Bogard about the book, the night sky, astronomy, security, cities, and prisons, among other things. The interview is interesting throughout but one of my favorite things is this illustration of the Bortle scale. Bogard: It is. The Milky Way becomes visible at 3 or 4 on the Bortle scale. One is pretty stringent. We never see the natural light of the night sky. The apples that you buy at the market are all from the same species of plant, Malus domestica.

Within that species, there are 7, different varieties or cultivars of apples. They look and taste different but are all recognizable as apples. Brassica oleracea is a species of plant that, like the apple, has a number of different cultivars. But these cultivars differ widely from each other: cabbage, kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, collard greens, and cauliflower. Nutty that all those vegetables come from the same species of plant.

The five distortions are:. Personal exceptionalism 2. Dichotomous thinking 3. Correct overgeneralization 4. Blank canvas thinking 5. Anthony Cerniello took photos of similar-looking family members at a reunion, from the youngest to the oldest, and edited them together in a video to create a nearly seamless portrait of a person aging in only a few minutes. The effect is as if you sat a child down in front of a camera and filmed them continuously for 65 years and then compressed that down into a 5-minute time lapse.

Colossal has an explanation :. Then began the process of scanning each photo with a drum scanner at the U. Next he brought on animators Nathan Meier and Edmund Earle who worked in After Effects and 3D Studio Max to morph and animate the still photos to make them lifelike as possible. Finally, Nuke a kind of 3D visual effects software artist George Cuddy was brought on to smooth out some small details like the eyes and hair. Why is that? Anthropologist Rachel Caspari speculates that around that time, enough people were living long enough to function as a shared cultural hard drive for humans , a living memory bank for skills, histories, family trees, etc.

When she looked at other populations of Neanderthals and Homo sapiens that lived in the same place and time, the two different species had similar proportions of old people, suggesting the change was not genetic. Instead, it was culture. Something about how people were living made it possible to survive into old age, maybe the way they found or stored food or built shelters, who knows. Old people are repositories of information, Caspari says. They know about the natural world, how to handle rare disasters, how to perform complicated skills, who is related to whom, where the food and caves and enemies are.

They maintain and build intricate social networks. Studies of modern hunter-gatherers and historical records suggest that when older people help take care of their grandchildren, the grandchildren are more likely to survive. You planning on having a kid soon? When you register for the site, you get a subdomain like is. When the time comes, it takes two seconds log into BornYet and send out an email blast with the pertinent info like so. Pretty neat. Speaking of inexpensive time travel, listen as David and Ben Crystal perform selections from Shakespeare in the original accent, as it would have been heard at the Globe in the early s.

I have a soft spot for photography that reaches, seemingly impossibly, back into time…e. The American Revolution took place back in the days before photography and the way we remember it visually is something like this:. But, some Revolutionary War participants lived long enough to have their daguerreotypes taken in the s and s. This is a photo of Lemuel Cook, the last official surviving veteran of the Revolution 1 , taken sometime before his death in The source of many of these photos is a book published in by E.

Hillard called The Last Men of the Revolution. The book contains six photos of surviving war vets and brief biographies of each man. However, Congress passed a special act in that provided him with a war pension. Choire Sicha ponders. But if New York City is better than ever — and we think it is — then why does it suck so bad? The money, yes. And the cupcakes, and the ATMs, and all these apartments that somehow are in clock towers, which are all also just money.

There is now a class of New Yorkers with the luxury of not just money but also plenty of time. Now the city is a wonderland of delicious pour-over. Now a vast number of them pretend to live in the city while gardening at their second homes, in the sweet spread from Germantown to Ghent to Kinderhook. Once the city was for people who craved it with the stridency of a young Madonna.

The result was entertainment, friction, mayhem, disaster, creation, magic. But physical confinement seems only to enhance his reach. The WikiLeaks founder has video-addressed the U. Animator Hayao Miyazaki is retiring from making feature length films. At a press conference in Tokyo, he discussed why.

The director spoke about how his eye sight was getting worse, making it hard for him to create his animation. He also said how each year, he is leaving his desk earlier and earlier. The latest report in the Guardian , the NY Times , and Pro Publica alleges that the NSA has cracked or circumvented many of the internet security protocols designed to keep communications private from third parties.

From the Pro Publica piece:. The National Security Agency is winning its long-running secret war on encryption, using supercomputers, technical trickery, court orders and behind-the-scenes persuasion to undermine the major tools protecting the privacy of everyday communications in the Internet age, according to newly disclosed documents. The agency has circumvented or cracked much of the encryption, or digital scrambling, that guards global commerce and banking systems, protects sensitive data like trade secrets and medical records, and automatically secures the e-mails, Web searches, Internet chats and phone calls of Americans and others around the world, the documents show.

Many users assume — or have been assured by Internet companies — that their data is safe from prying eyes, including those of the government, and the N. The agency treats its recent successes in deciphering protected information as among its most closely guarded secrets, restricted to those cleared for a highly classified program code-named Bullrun, according to the documents, provided by Edward J.

Snowden, the former N. Cryptographer Matthew Green speculates on exactly how the NSA might have achieved these results and what the implications are. We already know that the major US and international telecom carriers routinely assist the NSA in collecting data from fiber-optic cables. While software compromises and weak standards can help the NSA deal with some of this, by far the easiest way to access encrypted data is to simply ask for — or steal — the keys.

Implement hidden services. Use Tor to anonymize yourself. The less obvious you are, the safer you are. Use TLS. Use IPsec. I want to love him, not change him. Solving the traveling salesman problem is difficult enough without having to consider the happiness of the salesman. People are also emotional, and it turns out an unhappy truck driver can be trouble.

Modern routing models incorporate whether a truck driver is happy or not — something he may not know about himself. Not only does the company have information on how the truck is being driven — speeding, hard-braking events, rapid lane changes — but on the life of the driver. Drivers who appear to be at highest risk are flagged. In other words, the traveling salesman problem grows considerably more complex when you actually have to think about the happiness of the salesman.

Tractors can be stored anywhere, humans like to go home at night. Trucks are simple; drivers are complicated. Collectors Weekly has an interview with Nagle about the book and sanitation in general. Of course, those in the medical profession wore white, and he understood, quite rightly, that it was an issue of public health and hygiene to keep the street clean. He also put them in the helmets that the police wore to signify authority, and they quickly were nicknamed the White Wings.

It was a very bright day in the history of the department. Waring was only in office for three years, but after he left, nobody could use the old excuses that Tammany had used to dodge the issue of waste management. They had always said it was too crowded, with too many diverse kinds of people, and never mind that London and Paris and Philadelphia and Boston cleaned their streets. Waring proved them wrong. Rates of preventable disease went down. Mortality rates went down. It also had a ripple effect across all different areas of the city. Now, NYC is not the cleanest city in the world, not by a long-shot, but it used to be so much worse.

In the early s, the streets were literally covered in trash because the Department of Street Cleaning as it was known then was so inept; look at the difference made by a reorganization of the department:. Hanna Rosin writes about Murder by Craigslist , the story of a killer who advertised for victims on Craigslist in order to steal their possessions. More than people applied for the caretaker job — a fact that Jack was careful to cite in his e-mails back to the applicants.