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Introduction to Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing. Samii, Madjid. Surgery of Cerebellopontine Lesions. Le Point Sur -. Anesthesiology and Otolaryngology. Atlas of Genitourinary Oncological Imaging. Atlas of Oncology Imaging 1. Autophagy and Cancer.

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Current Cancer Research 8. Burn Care and Treatment a Practical Guide. Common Problems in Acute Care Surgery. Advances in Predictive, Preventive and Personalised Medicine v. Endocrinology of Physical Activity and Sport. Contemporary Endocrinology. New York: Humana Press, Handbook of Work Disability Prevention and Management.

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Imaging in Nuclear Medicine. Management of Colorectal Cancers in Older People. Osteoporosis and Bone Densitometry Measurements. Medical Radiology. Patient Surveillance after Cancer Treatment. Current Clinical Oncology. Penile Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment. Current Clinical Urology. Problem Based Urology. Radiology of Influenza A H1N1. RNA and Cancer. Cancer Treatment and Research. Current Clinical Neurology. Update in Cosmetic Dermatology. Tse, Gary M. Wei, Shi, and Springer Medicine Collection. Atlas of Bone Pathology. Atlas of Anatomic Pathology. This entry was posted on Friday, June 7th, at am and is filed under New Resources.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Electric and magnetic field detection in elasmobranch fishes. Science Katz PS. Comparative neurophysiology: an electric convergence in fish. Current Biology RR Khan I and 9 others.

Olfactory receptor subgenomes linked with broad ecological adaptations in Sauropsida. Molecular Biology and Evolution The ability of a benthic elasmobranch to discriminate between biological and artificial electric fields. Marine Biology The olfactory receptor gene repertoires in secondary-adapted marine vertebrates: evidence for reduction of the functional proportions in cetaceans. Kramer B. Electric fish. Encyclopedia of Neuroscience. Springer, NY. Lange R, Fugelli K. The osmotic adjustment in the euryhaline teleosts, the flounder, Pleuronectes flesus L. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Langner G, Scheich H.

Action potential energetics at the organismal level reveal a trade-off in efficiency at high firing rates. The Journal of Neuroscience Lotan R. Osmotic adjustment in the euryhaline teleost Aphanius dispar Cyprinodontidae. Freshwater sharks and rays. Markham MR. Electrocyte physiology: 50 years later. The migration patterns of the European flounder Platichthys flesus Linnaeus, Pleuronectidae, Pisces at the southern limit of its distribution range: Ecological implications and fishery management. Journal of Sea Research Nelson ME.

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Olfaction contributes to pelagic navigation in a coastal shark. The physics of sound in air and water. In Thewissen JG,.

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Temperature dependence of predation depends on the relative performance of predators and prey. Proceedings of the Royal Society B DOI: Osmoregulation in elasmobranchs. American Zoologist Payne NL and 9 others. Temperature dependence of fish performance in the wild: links with species biogeography and physiological thermal tolerance. Functional Ecology Pelster B, Scheid P. Countercurrent concentration and gas secretion in the fish swim bladder. Physiological Zoology Johns River, Florida. Plasma osmolyte concentrations and rectal gland mass of bull sharks Carcharhinus leucas , captured along a salinity gradient.

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A Journal of Comparative Physiology B Rakus K and 13 others. Matrix and tensor calculus: with applications to mechanics, elasticity, and aeronautics by Aristotle D. Cox auth. Peterson, et al. Szalay Mr. Sather Classical Lectures by Brunilde S. Rothman Flowering Plants. Corazza Troubled Partnership: U. Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

August - March by Richard W.

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  • Woodworth Star Wars. How reference works: explanatory models for indexicals, descriptions, and opacity by Lawrence D. Was Hinduism Invented? Encarnacion Janitors, street vendors, and activists : the lives of Mexican immigrants in Silicon Valley by Christian Zlolniski Introduction to medical imaging: Physics, engineering and clinical applications by Smith N.

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    Halayqa Designing Science Presentations. Mullen Jr. Anelidos by Antonio R. Silvi, P. Thomsett Connection between the Schroedinger equation for dissipative systems and the master equation by Caldirola, Lugiato. Bontje, H. Larner auth. Dhillon Ph. Vassberg La gestion des competences : Une demarche essentielle pour la competitivite des entreprises by Claude Levy-Leboyer Virtue, corruption, and self-interest: political values in the eighteenth century by Richard K. Warwick, D. Rees Eds. Oates by Glenn W. Scardina International normalcy: the open door peace with the former central powers, by Peter H.

    Intelligence Community, by Douglas F. Doenges The populist paradox: interest group influence and the promise of direct legislation by Elisabeth R. Hall Risk Management Framework. Star Wars.

    McKenney Mass Customization. The Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare on the Double! Antony's Series by Martin P. Schaad Mindfulness-Based Treatment Approaches. Baer Eds. Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths. Fenlon Jr. Chu auth. Tannehill Guilty pleas in international criminal law constructing a restorative justice approach by Nancy Amoury Combs.

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    Clark, C. The Bayesian choice: from decision-theoretic foundations to computational implementation by Christian P. Le choix bayesien : Principes et pratique Statistique et probabilites appliquees by Christian P. Conklin D. Moody and Swedes : shaping evangelical identity among Swedish mission friends, by David M. Dale ed. Whitaker Star Wars. The remaking of Pittsburgh: class and culture in an industrializing city by Francis G.

    Couvares Advances in marine antifouling coatings and technologies Woodhead Publishing in Materials by C. Hellio, D. Yebra Stories of Inclusion? Volume 1 - crises monetaires d'hier et d'aujourd'hui. Instructor Solutions Manual 1,2, and 3 by Douglas C. Tagliamonte Nutrition and fitness. Obesity, the metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and cancer by Simopoulos A. Buttazzo Einflussfaktoren des Internationalisierungserfolgs von Mobilfunknetzbetreibern by Nejc Martin Jakopin Greek altars of the northeastern Peloponnese, c.

    Zunz auth. Real Freedom for All: What if anything can justify capitalism?

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    Lepso-Trilogie: Atlan. Die acht Namenlosen: Atlan Petersburg and Moscow, by Victoria E. Neal Stewart Jr. Supplementum, by Gareth L.