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Based on anecdotal evidence and an increasing accretion of data from the field—in many of the projects funded by the National Institute of Corrections and the Bureau of Justice Assistance—these courts appear to be achieving their goal. They are helping worthy individuals find a degree of redemption while paying their debt to society.

They are restoring family relationships, strengthening communities, cutting rates of recidivism and, hence, making communities safer. But what of those veterans who are incarcerated, serving a sentence, or awaiting trial or other resolution of the charges against them? This paper is the second in the National Institute of Corrections justice-involved veteran compendium project.

It illuminates programs in jails across the country and how justice involved veterans have been helped by them. Get in early, limited tickets available. Costumes encouraged. Participants will be entitled to discounts on tours of Fremantle Prison upon ticket purchase. Why attend? Science Behind Bars will include educational and fun activities surrounding Forensic Science and Criminology. If you're under 18 or still in high school you can register for our Science Behind Bars high school event!

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Behind Bars 2: The World’s Toughest Prisons - Colony 100, Kharkiv, Ukraine (prison documentary)

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Celebrating over 20 years of Puppies Behind Bars

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Close submenu Accepting your offer. For the duration of the Dragon's Fest, a guided tour of Behind Bars on Friday, September 6, , at pm, and Saturday 7, and Sunday, September 8, all hours is canceled. Thank you for your understanding. When discussing castles, we cannot avoid touching upon dungeons and punishment. Ljubljana Castle is no exception. For ages its dungeons and cells housed prisoners and reformers, soldiers and civilians, the rich and the poor, freethinkers and the politically problematic

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